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Yu Xiaohang Series: The End of the World Full-time Job

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"Drink!" The orange halo lit up Chen Jiawei's lower jaw, and his hands holding the wall of light all over his arms swept 360 degrees in the sky. In an instant, the black bird's eyes and nose were all smashed. When did Jiawei become so violent? Wen Kai first fell to the ground and asked Xiaoxue in shock. Xiaoxue shook her head slightly and said, "Maybe brother Jiawei wants to help brother Yu Hang." After landing, Yu Hang put away the wings behind him. "Why was the fog on the lake quite light when I didn't come? Now it's so thick that I can't see it clearly at all." Yin Long all the way to shoot all the way to follow, the last one to arrive, eyes like long on the camera can not be separated: "You see.". There's a small building over there. Let's go and ask. "Is there anyone?" Meijia put her long hair to one side, pointed her left foot to the ground, and supported her center of gravity with her right foot. Perhaps she had walked too much on the runway at ordinary times. She knocked on the door and leaned against the door frame with her arms folded. Seeing no response, she pulled out her right hand and knocked on the door. Chirp- "The sound of wheels rubbing against the ground." "Bang!" When the black car door opened, Liu Haowei ran down from the main driver's seat and ran to Meijia, "Fairy, Fairy, I finally caught up with you." His face was reddish, his forehead was covered with fine beads of sweat, and he obviously lacked exercise. And you are? Liu-Hao-Wei? Meijia looked at the man in front of her in amazement. The fairy knows me, huh? Liu Haowei straightened his collar and tie and stood respectfully with a smile on his face. The more Meijia said, the less confident she was: "I am your loyal reader." "Wow, it's a great honor to have a fairy reader Weiwei." Then he stretched out his delicate white hand. "I go, this man is really good at maintenance. This book is obviously written by a very sunny and tough boy,die casting parts, but in fact it is a very feminine look. Hey, in real life, the novel is well written and the author's various characteristics are up to standard. It's really impossible to have both. Otherwise, in football players, why do Spice Girls have to have Beckham?" "Well, do you think it's the girl who rowed the boat and picked the lotus?" Chen Jiawei's beautiful eyes were shining. "Hey, girl, can you take us to see the stone statue in the middle of the West Lake?" The lotus-picking girl shook her head with a sad face. Why don't we get another boat? Yin Long pushed his square glasses and looked around. Chen Jiawei explained: "There is no boat around, so we can only take that boat." Yu Hang squatted down and said to her, "Girl, we have something important. Can you help us?" "Yes, alloy die casting ,die casting parts, yes.". About the safety of the earth. Xiaoxue closed her skirt inward and squatted down and said to the lotus picking girl on the boat by the lake. The lotus-picking girl ignored it and kept looking into the lake. Why can't it be convenient? Wen Kai came forward and asked. It was not until Wen Kai came forward to ask that the lotus picking girl opened her mouth and said, "Because Xiao Hong is lovelorn." (Profile will be updated gradually.) Chapter 18 Love and Marriage [Number of Words in this Chapter: 3264 Latest Update Time: 2012-12-21 03:13: 15.0] Wen Kai continued, "Who is Xiao Hong?" The lotus-picking girl raised her head slightly and said, "It's a red carp." Everyone was surprised to hear the word "lovelorn carp" and opened their mouths into O shape, "God horse!!? Carp will be lovelorn?! Why are you lovelorn? Because she and Xiaohei had a quarrel and broke up. Xiaohong just wanted Xiaohei to kiss it, but Xiaohei was born introverted and embarrassed, Xiaohong felt that Xiaohei was useless, so she dumped Xiaohei, but XiaoheI was angry and did not come to chase Xiaohong, so Xiaohong sadly hid to one side and shed tears, but only the lake knew its sadness, but I knew that XiaoheI still loved her. The lotus-picking girl. "Wen Kai pulled his hand out of the cold lake water, knowing that his magic could dive." You mean that if we help Xiao Hei and Xiao Hong make up, you can take us to the place of the stone statue, right? The West Lake is so big that I have no sense of direction. "Really?"? As long as you can get Xiao Hong and Xiao Hei back together. I'll help you. The lotus-picking girl smiled at Wen Kai, and Wen Kai blushed until he was almost ripe. Just grab them and kiss them. One wants to kiss and the other dares not. Just give them a hand. Chen Jiawei lifted up his sleeves and prepared to go into the water, even though he was only wearing short sleeves. Yu Hang pressed his palm on Chen Jiawei's face and pushed him back. "You are silly. The melon twisted by force is not sweet.". You think everyone is like us.. Everyone opened their eyes and looked together. "Huh?" Everyone is looking forward to the four words, "Er, Er, Er, like we seldom make trouble." Hurriedly laugh to muddle through. Oh, brother Yu Hang is sorry. Xiaoxue snickered, more lovely than the Smurfs at the bottom of the sea on the other side of the mountain. Damn it, you should come up with an idea. Chen Jiawei broke off Yu Hang's hand and shook it vigorously with both hands on Yu Hang's shoulder. How about we give it a hero to save the beauty? Get an ugly guy close to Xiaohong, and then we create chaos to guide Xiaohei to save Xiaohong, and then they kiss their mother for love, the end of time. "All right, do it." When Chen Jiawei shook to the last time, he let go directly. With a sound of'wow ', Yu Hang fell into the lake with a somersault. He narrowed his eyes and twitched the corners of his mouth and shouted: "Chen Jiawei, you are dead!" The lotus on your head is very suitable for you, ha ha. Ah, the lotus monster is coming. Run away. Chen Jiawei ran away in the middle of laughing. That fish is good. "Wen Kai bent over the lake and looked at the fish coming and going. He reached out and caught it." Hee hee, the crab claws are not covered. " The lotus-picking girl crouched aside and looked at Wen Kai carefully with the corners of her mouth slightly raised. You Wen Kai immediately sounded the alarm when he heard the crab claws. A shrill cry came from behind,Magnetic Drain Plug, and the two of them turned together: "All right, don't make a scene!" Meijia stamped her feet and scolded Yu Hang and Chen Jiawei, who were entangled next to her. "You let go first!" "You let go first!" The two men pinched their faces vigorously.

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