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Trapped dragon ascends to heaven Full-time Job

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The Black Dragon walked up to Tianyu with a smile, sat down and said with a smile, "Brother Liu, why did you choose to come here at this time?"? You don't know. I was in the middle of it, and when I heard you coming, I came over immediately. How about it? Is it interesting enough? Tianyu also smiled. Say: "That is really embarrassed, the foot that that grows newly and hand, still good use?" The Black Dragon looked at the smiling face of the boy in front of him and cried in his heart, "Boy, just laugh!"! I wanted to let you live for a few days, but now it seems that you don't need it. "Of course," Black Dragon answered. "It's almost the same as before. Brother Liu, are you free now?"? I have been practicing alone these days. It's pretty boring. How about a hand? Tianyu cried in his heart, "No!"! This guy brought it up of his own accord. What a good boy. Tianyu thought for a moment and said, "All right!"! I haven't fought with anyone for a long time. You know, a strong man like me can't find anyone to fight with on the earth. Brother Black Dragon. How about we go back to the same place? The Black Dragon cried in his heart, "This boy can't escape. In Lao Tzu's Immortal Formation, even the Immortal can't escape. Ha ha, I don't know if that guy and that thing work well."? Should be bigger than Yamaki. If all goes well, in a month, I'll be able to enjoy the beautiful women of this boy. "Brother Black Dragon," said Tianyu. Shall we go in my flying machine? The Black Dragon shook his head and said, "No,plastic packing tube, I'll go first." When Tianyu nodded, the boy disappeared from Tianyu. Tianyu thought, "Didn't Ying'er say that this guy just reached the level of yuan Ying?"? How can you teleport? I don't know. When the Black Dragon saw Liu Tianyu coming out of the beetle-like aircraft, he activated the magic weapon of the Trapped Immortal Array. Space, the sudden change of energy, Tianyu immediately felt, Black Dragon guffaw: "Boy, this, you can not run infantry division,aluminium laminated tube, obedient, do not resist, I let you go to another wonderful world without pain, otherwise, hum!" Tianyu lost his voice and cried, "No!"! Black dragon, how can this keep up with the last time, almost the same ah! Do you still want my body now? The Black Dragon stretched out his arm and said, "Of course. I forgot to tell you that although you know those powerful guys, I will take your body and use it. Those guys won't take care of it. All right, are you ready?" With that, Tianyu saw an octopus-like thing appearing out of thin air in front of the Black Dragon. He couldn't help shaking his hand and said, "Wait a minute, Brother Black Dragon, I am the younger brother of Shenlong. If you kill me, my elder brothers will come to you. Can you beat my elder brothers?". The Black Dragon was a little impatient and said, plastic packaging tube ,polyfoil tube, "Although I can't beat those guys, those guys can't do anything to me. Boy, don't resist. This soul-eating beast can make you pass without pain." As soon as the voice fell, the octopus, the size of a fist, rushed to the sky. Tianyu tried to wrap the little thing with a sense of thinking, and to Tianyu's surprise, he could easily catch the octopus. Tianyu was very surprised, and the Black Dragon was also greatly surprised. "Boy, how did you do that? You can't control the soul-swallowing beast with the power of Zhenyuan." With a little effort, Tianyu struggled with the little thing that was not very good-looking. Can be pinched together by Tianyu's thoughts and feelings. Tianyu was a little disappointed and said, "Is this the soul-swallowing beast that can let me go to a wonderful place quietly?"? Really very general, disappointed, disappointed ah! With that, Tianyu also started the magic weapon of the dragnet. Of course, the Black Dragon immediately felt it and said in surprise, "You started the dragnet?"? Boy, you want to kill me, too. ” Tianyu shrugged his shoulders and said, "I like to make friends very much. Although you have a criminal record before and have offended me more than once, I have forgiven you the last time. One more friend is better than one more enemy. However, it seems that you are really not a good thing. You are still thinking about me now. There is no way out." Let's win or lose today! With that, the dragon armor floated out of the body, and the sky roared and rushed to the black dragon. The black dragon roared wildly at this time, and the black armor floated out. Tianyu thought: "This boy's armor is also very cool, and the shape is also good." At this time, the black dragon, with a two-meter-long broadsword in his hand, cut the sky and raised the dragon thorn to block it. The huge impact immediately separated the two men. Tiancong laughed and said, "Yes, your strength is not bad. Take another move." He raised the dragon thorn and hit it again. Ten minutes later, Tianyu shouted in his heart, "Granny, is there a mistake? Is this strength the strength of yuan Ying?"? The power is about the same as the strength of the middle stage of OBE. Not in the big demon world, the strength of those guys is generally low, it is really possible, but it is still possible. The Black Dragon is stronger than the average person who practices. Ying'er said that she could definitely handle the black dragon, so the girl could also handle Lao Tzu, grandma's. Think back, two people's energy bombs are still shooting each other, from time to time, two people quickly hedge once. Because in the dragnet, the radius is only about 500 meters, and it is impossible to move on a large scale. The Black Dragon cried in his heart, "This boy has become so fierce. It seems that I can't take care of you. It's really a little dangerous. Unfortunately, I don't have a magic weapon to fight like this. It's really funny to fight like this." To spell once, black dragon cries: "Boy.". How did your skill progress so fast? Did you take some elixir? Tianyu threw a Zhenyuan bullet casually and said with a smile, "Your brain is broken. We are going to fight for meat now. What are you talking about?" With that, Tianyu once again held up the dragon thorn and rushed over. Of course, eighty-one flying feathers, at this time, are nine in a group,eye cream packaging tube, taking turns to attack. A large part of the energy of the black dragon is thus slowly consumed by the flying feathers. Watching Liu Tianyu rush over again like a cow, Black Dragon also raised his broadsword, and the two of them once again confronted each other.

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