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The White Moonlight Substitute wants to get over it. Full-time Job

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It's impossible for his medicine to make a mistake! Red Nine answered honestly, "There was a moment of noise, and then it was gone." Kui Lao's old face froze in an instant, as if he had been hit by a fatal blow. Wang Ye's question. It's big. Nope! He can't admit defeat, he must let Wang Ye give birth to children smoothly! "It's all right, I'll give Wang Ye a heavier dose!" Kui Lao raised his fighting spirit again. Bei Yan: ".." Can't you even take medicine?! Is it because Wang Ye has been widowed for too many years? North Yan thought of himself, he is already twenty-five years old, one year older than his own prince, and he will be worried in the future. The next day, when Yu Tang woke up, Zhao Che was no longer on the couch. Zhao Che was sleeping in bed last night, Yu Tang thought he was really drunk, she never thought Kui Lao's "tea" was out of order. Shi Yue came over to wait on her to wash and wash. "Princess," she said in wonder, "the prince has been soaking in the lotus pond in the backyard for a long time this morning, and the maidservant saw the prince reprimand them." Soak in the lotus pond? Is he still drunk? Yu Tang couldn't imagine that picture. Princess, Lord Bai has sent someone to take you back to the door, and the servant will wait on you to wash. Shi Yue laughed. Yu Tang nodded, still wandering outside. In the hall of the front yard, Zhao Che was wearing a light/thin white summer dress. His hair was not dry yet, but he had combed it meticulously. Kui Lao hung his head and dared not breathe. North Yan is standing outside, no one dares to approach. With a calm and handsome face, Zhao Che put the fire-reducing tea he was going to drink on the table again. "Old gentleman, is this really fire-reducing tea?" Kui did not dare to lie, just to their own Wang Ye pulse, almost frightened by the anger in his body, "back, back to Wang Ye, this is really fire tea." Zhao Che pulled the corner of his lips. Fortunately, his internal force is deep, otherwise I really don't know if he can wake up this time! Zhao Che snorted coldly, "did the king let the old man misunderstand something?" Men can't accept that there is a problem, Kui Lao immediately shook his head, "No, no, no, it's old and dull, and it has nothing to do with Wang Ye!" Zhao Che did not want to continue to experience the taste of burning like a raging fire, he felt that there was a need to make it clear, "old man, this thing the king does not want to meet again!" Qui Lao pouted his mouth. You can't blame him for this. If Wang Ye and Princess Li/become, what does he need to worry about blindly? Kui Lao had deep doubts about his medical skills. Today is the return day, Bai Zheng personally came to greet. As soon as Bai Zheng came to Jin Wang Fu, he noticed something strange, plastic pallet crates ,plastic bulk containers, and learned that Zhao Che ran out of the lotus pond as soon as he arrived early in the morning. He was in a complicated mood for a while, and it was hard for him to figure it out. When the team returned to Bai Fu, Gu Tianqi and Xu Weiqian had already come to the door. Although the white ink pool has the opinion, but also cannot stop these two people. Bai Fu's return banquet is very grand, Bai Mochi also held a three-day running water banquet outside, from the beginning of Yu Tang's marriage, he wished he could take out all the family property. At the beginning of the banquet, the three fathers peeked at Yu Tang and Zhao Che quietly. The daughter was in excellent spirits, the son-in-law was handsome and his face was tight, but there was no sign of indulgence, desire, excess, and the three fathers all looked subtle. The three fathers all attached great importance to the issue of children. No matter Yu Tangsheng's daughter or son, they are all their own flesh and blood, so now the three fathers are very concerned about Zhao Che's "physical condition". As soon as the banquet began, Bai Mochi ordered the servant to bring the soup. "Good son-in-law, you don't need to see outsiders in Bai Fu in the future. I specially ordered someone to boil it for you. You can drink it." The other two fathers also stared at Zhao Che with straight eyes and handed over an expression of "son-in-law drink quickly". Zhao Che: ".." In fact, the prescription of this decoction was sent by Gu Tianqi. Liu Rushi is a flower picker, and the tonic soup of the flower picker school is naturally very effective. The three fathers agreed that they should give their son-in-law a good tonic. Seeing Zhao Che hesitating, Gu Tianqi said, "Wang Ye, don't let the three of us down." Xu Weiqian nodded, "Tang son is still young, Wang Ye is twenty-four years old, it's time to make up." Zhao Che: ".." The white ink pool continues to exert pressure, "the prince of Jin Wang Fu can only be born by Tang'er.". ” One side of Yu Tang blinked, see Zhao Che calm face, in front of three fathers poured a bowl of ginseng soup down. Yu Tang: "…" Married girls rarely stay at their parents' home for the night. After Bai Fu's return banquet, Yu Tang followed Zhao Che back to Jin Wang Fu. Tonight, as soon as Yu Tang came out of the clean room, he saw Zhao Che pacing in the room without his coat and with his bare arms. His steps were windy and seemed to be very urgent. Yu Tang glared at him. Zhao Che smiled bitterly, "Tang, I'm too hot." The man's magnetic voice was a little hoarse, and he seemed to be wronged. It was the hottest time of the year, and the cicadas on the treetops were calling tirelessly over and over again, even as dusk fell, they did not stop. The author has something to say: Gu Tianqi: Perfect Supplement 3.0 has been launched ~ Bai Mochi: Can the son-in-law still give birth? Worry Xu Weiqian: If not, let Tang Er change one. The issue of children is very important. Shu Fei: What?! Is the son-in-law really not good? This palace also has the time to see the wrong eye?! Zhao Che:.. ———— On today's first watch, I wish the girls a happy second day of the Lunar New Year? Everything goes well in the new year. Jinjiang author Mo Jiuyan paid New Year's greetings to everyone. The bag fell off. Girls, don't dislike it. Today, I will make up for the red envelope in front of everyone. Each person has 100 yuan ^ _ ^ Continue to refuel for Wuhan, refuel for the motherland, everyone refuel together! We can get through this! Chapter 110 As soon as Zhao Che changed the cold and hard without warmth in the past, his upper body was not//inch/wisp/, and his white skin had scars left over the years, but it did not affect the beauty of his texture at all. He walked toward Yu Tang, knowing that she saw herself,collapsible pallet box, so the enchanting greedy cat saw the small dried fish, he also deliberately showed the man's unique features in front of Yu Tang. The rose-red tulle nightgown Yu Tang wore tonight was also prepared by himself. The material is light and transparent, and you can see the outline of the small clothes inside.

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