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The struggle of ordinary citizens Full-time Job

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After waiting for everyone to get off, Ma Pu walked beside the boss and followed the boss into the supermarket. Lv Ren took the initiative to open the door and let Zhao Feilin go in first. He followed behind, and everyone followed him into the supermarket. There are many customers in the supermarket, many of whom are men still wearing old military uniforms, accompanied by their girlfriends or wives, are crowded around the colorful containers. For them, this kind of peaceful life may be what they have been longing for for a long time. In fact, in the past two months, more than 6 million soldiers in China have retired, which is not unrelated to the Prime Minister's promise, but also has a certain impact on society, after all, they need to provide jobs. But these problems, at least for now, are not big problems, at least not too big impact at the moment. The children in the supermarket, holding their mother's skirt in one hand and a popsicle in the other, looked around curiously. Occasionally, some children looked at the man beside their mother with some curiosity. I don't know how many soldiers left home when their children were still in swaddling clothes or their wives'stomachs,cantilever racking system, but now they are in primary school. Lu Ren, with a smile on his face, stood behind the customer. He was holding a hat in his hand. A girl with ice suddenly caught a glimpse of the man, and her eyes suddenly widened. Then someone saw the "big man" who appeared in the supermarket. Then a young man ran out from behind the supermarket, desperately trying to push his way through the crowd. He shouted, waving his hand and pushing the customer away. This is Mr. Lu. Shouting, this guy ran toward Lv Ren,drive in racking system, Lv Ren walked up a few steps to meet him, so this. The young man grabbed his hand. Instead of shaking hands as people usually do when they meet, he grabbed Lv Ren's hand and repeated such words as "Hello, Mr. Lv". When his mood was a little more balanced, he turned to the crowd standing far away in a circle of staring onlookers and announced loudly. "Come on, everybody!"! Lv Ren, Mr. Lu is coming. "But at this time, his words are totally superfluous.". The expression of the crowd of onlookers showed that any citizen above the national school level did not know this burly man in a black Chinese tunic suit. According to Lu Chung-jen, one of the candidates of the Baath Party, then this person is an idiot. In fact, all anyone needs to do is lift their head and look at the giant photo hanging high above the drinks vending machine. This photograph is several times larger than life. The man in the photograph has the same face, but his eyes are full of energy. His expression is serious and kind. Perhaps because of his age, his facial muscles are a little flabby, and his shaggy hair falls over his square forehead, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,wire mesh decking, which is not very high. The campaign slogan below the photo is. The will of the people is my will. After this sentence, it was written: "Chang Ren, the Baath Party.". In the past month or so, this photo has been seen on television in every city in China and in many parts of Southeast Asia, from streets to shopping malls, and then to community bulletin boards and newspapers. This may be the most normal thing in the election. Although this election came suddenly, the Chinese people who have long been accustomed to the election accepted it calmly. Although the people were somewhat uncomfortable after the Prime Minister's propaganda to dissolve Parliament, they tried to retain the Prime Minister again, but this time, it was quite different from the fanaticism of the retention 21 years ago, perhaps as the newspaper said. Thirty-six years after the Republic, today's China has truly become a Republic! China is now more mature than it was 21 years ago, and it has left behind the era of superficial republicanism and real authoritarianism, just like the local elections that have been in full swing all over the country, and the internal and external competitions among the candidates of various parties. Leave a small suspense, ha ha, "after this chapter, is the end of the ordinary citizens?"? Chapter 379 opening. In October of the 16th year of Kou Lan, the whole country predicted that the election campaign was in full swing, and that time did this "Gong". The distant war may be the most important, but the onslaught of the campaign does not interfere with the daily work of the country, where most people, like some institutions, still go about their business. They will never stop their work. A Volkswagen car of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) left the Republic Airport in Xibei City and drove to the Bureau of Investigation. Ryan dozed off and on in the back seat. What did he do when he returned to China from the United States a week ago? Of course, in the eyes of his American friends, he left the United States to negotiate business in Mexico. In the eyes of his friends, he was a lucky man who had escaped numerous military conscription and even made a fortune during the war. When his friends and concubines took off their uniforms and returned to the United States destitute, he had become a millionaire. Hours after boarding a submarine in Mexico and then transferring from the submarine to a seaplane, he returned to China, nine years after he left the country. Back to this country for the first time, back to this city, everything here seems to stay in the depths of his memory, and even the impression of the long-haired girl who once made him move has been blurred. In the past five hours, he had only slept for five and a half hours on the plane, and the fatigue of traveling all the way made him feel a little tired and neglected to look at his watch. For an agent, lack of sleep is a loss of judgment. However, what is the point of saying this to oneself? It is even more useless to say this to the Secretary. Ten minutes later, he arrived at the chief's office. This almost surprised him, and what surprised him most was that the director did not meet him in the reception room next to the office. All the way hard! I'm sorry I couldn't let you go straight to bed. Unexpectedly, Shi Lei, who seems to be cold-faced, said to Ryan in a kind and apologetic tone that after working in the Bureau for many years, people know that he has a "rock-like heart". Director Shi. Never stingy to give the Bureau of Investigation's foreign operations agents the most cordial and warm treatment.. It doesn't matter Ryan tried to get himself back to normal. He thought it would be Deputy Director Leng who met him,heavy duty cantilever racks, but he didn't think it would be the Director who met him personally. He remembered that nine years ago, he had met the chief at the secret service school, and the chief had said to him.

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Do you think ,because im poor, obscure, plain, and little, im soulless and heartless? you think wrong!i have as much soul as youand full as much heart! and if god had gifted me with some beauty and much wealth, i should have made it as hard for you to leave me , as it is now for me to leave you. i am not talking to you now through the medium of custom, conventionalities, nor even of mortal flesh : it is my spirit that addresses your spirit; just as of both had passed through the grave, and we stood at gods feet, epualas we are! This is Wu Fei's favorite dialogue when she was in college. Although its author lived in England in the middle of the 19th century, it did not prevent Chinese women like Wu Fei, who were born in the 1970s, from taking this passage as their ideal declaration of female love. Previously, Wu Fei even regretted that her love with Yang Xiaoning was too smooth when they got along with each other, which made the dialogue of Boza useless for many years. Unexpectedly, in a completely unexpected situation, after many years,ceramic bobbin element, he finally recited it to a strange young policeman. If Miss Bronte has a soul in heaven, she should also be moved by the fact that she has such loyal foreign fans. The cadence of Wu Fei's back was sincere, and all the people present, no matter how much they understood, were also very moved. After she finished reciting, six men, two policemen and Mo Xilun,alumina c799, and three migrant workers who had finished their work and were catching up with the ready-made excitement, applauded her warmly and sincerely. The little policeman who made the request first turned around and dispersed the migrant workers, and then said to Wu Fei with a red face, "Or you can teach me to recite a paragraph, which is very classic, very good and very deep. It's best to use it on any occasion, so that the girl will feel that I have a special connotation when she hears it!" Wu Fei thought about it seriously and said, "Then give you a Shakespeare." The little policeman was diligent and eager to learn, and even sighed at Wu Fei when he left, repeating the words "to be, or not to be: that is the question." After the police left, Mo Xilun and Wu Fei returned to the car, and both of them calmed down. Only then did Wu Fei remind Lao Mo that the front zipper of his trousers had not been zipped up just now. Then he turned his head out of the window and waited for Lao Mo to finish the zipper. Wu Fei looked back at him and wondered whether he was asking himself or Lao Mo: "so, 10g Ozone Generator ,7g Ozone Generator, boss, to be or not to be?" Then he laughed. Lao Mo didn't laugh, the atmosphere was a little awkward, and when Wu Fei stopped laughing and was silent for a long time, Lao Mo suddenly looked down at his watch and said, "Bad Meimei is going to finish class!" His face became anxious and he tried to ask Wu Fei, "Why don't you take a taxi home today?" Wu Fei flatly refused with a cold face: "No!" Old Mo also did not argue again, busy to send Wu Fei home, along the way even ran a few red lights, two people did not say anything again. "Gossip Years" 10 Novel txt Paradise On weekends, Mo Xilun's arrangements are usually fixed, accompanying his daughter shopping, accompanying his wife to church, and continuing to play a good family man with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness and beauty. Of course, these advantages have nothing to do with Wu Fei. Because of her self-esteem, Wu Fei never inquired about Lao Mo's whereabouts and never made any requests to him on weekends. But this weekend, after being checked by the police for the first time in her life, Wu Fei's mood was quite confused. Only then did she suddenly realize that she was trapped in a question and that Wu Fei needed to find someone to tell her the answer. In this way, Wu Fei suddenly found herself in a rather miserable situation, because her emotional problems seemed to be unable to easily find someone to talk to. Thought for a long time, and finally can only make a phone call to the model. Unfortunately, he had just joined the cast of a costume film at that time. He was not used to the ancient costume films, so he was depressed and had a topsy-turvy life. When he received a phone call from Wu Fei, he did not show his usual enthusiasm. The two men, separated by eight thousand miles of clouds and the moon, managed to make an overseas phone call, and then talked to each other perfunctorily about some irrelevant gossip. So the whole weekend Wu Fei was out of her mind, carefully recalling this relationship with Lao Mo, her mood rose and fell, and in the evening she suddenly became a force of literary creation, lying on the bed and writing a poem of four unlikenesses. When she finished writing the poem, Wu Fei suddenly felt happier and looked forward to spending the weekend quickly so that she could share the pleasure with Lao Mo. On Monday, at noon, the two of them sneaked into the parking lot as usual while their colleagues were going to lunch. As soon as they got into the car, Wu Fei showed her poems to Lao Mo like a treasure, waiting for Lao Mo to praise them. Who would have thought that Lao Mo did not get the point at all. He only glanced at it and said, "Oh, good." He threw it aside, and the man came up and mumbled, and the poem was crushed. As soon as Wu Fei looked,Kamado bbq grill, suddenly did not know where to come out the resentment, pushed away Mo Xilun to shout: "In addition to mating, can't there be anything else between us?!"