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The original doppelganger Full-time Job

Nov 9th, 2022 at 22:15   Independent & Freelance   Cavelossim   17 views Reference: 42
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"A camp has been set up outside the city," said Song Liangli. "I'm sorry I can't get in or out." "It's not difficult for our Water God Gang," said Jing Shanshe. He immediately led the three men to the left river ditch, beside which a simple firewood hut similar to a ferry was built. When Fang slipped in, there was a deep well. Jing Shanshe said, "It's the Water God Sect that specializes in digging holes from the well." Kublai smiled with satisfaction. When Song Liangli was in the Batong Grottoes in Huanglong City, he learned the skills of the Water God Gang. It is said that the secret passage has not yet been discovered, which shows the ingenious design of the Water God Gang. "Then go in," he said. Jing Shanshe took the lead in sweeping down to half of the bottom of the well, pushed away the stones, and saw the passage. The three of them followed him. Jing Shanshe sealed the secret passage, lit the fire, and led him away. The secret passage was half a man's height at first, and he could only squat and walk. When he was hundreds of feet ahead, he could stand and walk. When he walked half a mile, he was connected with the old tunnel. Two people walked side by side, and they were still calm. Su Chang praised, "I used to think that the Water God Gang was bragging, but now I see that the skill of making holes is really unique in the world!" "Of course, of course," said Kublai with a smile. "Don't be complacent," said Su Chang. "Those who like to dig holes are rats." Kublai was stunned. "Only a rat can make money," he said with a smile. "I'm a money rat." "No wonder the rats have been running amuck recently," said Su Chang. "Yes, yes," Kubiduanxie said with a smile. Thought there is another rat head to accompany, more brilliant, Su Chang did not understand the meaning of its evil smile, still entertainment constantly. Half a mile later, I saw the brothers of the Water God Gang lurking in the dark. "How many days have you been lurking?" Asked Song Liangli. "To keep it a secret," said Jing Shanshe, "I was stationed there half a month ago, so that I wouldn't leak my whereabouts." Song Liangli looked at at least fifty people and couldn't help laughing: "It's really hidden like a rat." The brothers of the Water God Gang are still proud. After all, they have made a lot of money since they got the child prodigy, and their lives have greatly improved. Of course, they are willing to cooperate. After worshipping and introducing them one by one, the brothers of the Water God Gang immediately returned to their positions. After all,jujube seed powder, they had already arrived and were about to take action. All of them looked full of energy, but their movements were like those of a rat generation. They were very light, which made Su Chang believe that the rat generation said that they were only dexterous and energetic! I have a better understanding of the Water God Gang. The secret passage is very long, and then in the line of Xu, began to arrive at the bottom of the Zongbing mansion. Jing Shanshe introduced several possible grottoes and passages. Song Liangli had already made a plan. In order to find Yang Pu, he used the method of channeling to secretly sense him. However, the Holy King of Bliss stopped him very quickly. Song Liangli beheaded him three times in a row and secretly said, "Maybe you can use the five-way method to sense several places at a time. Otherwise, if you always behead him, the Holy King may be suspicious." He had already practiced as many as ten methods, and could sense more than ten people at the same time, so he boldly opened them. As expected, the Holy King of Bliss made a strong invasion and said in an evil voice, "Who are you looking for?"? What are you doing hiding in the dark secret passage? Song Liangli's secret passage was very dangerous. The secret passage was square and covered with black lime walls. It was impossible to find out what special place it was. "I'm going to ask the holy king if the wound is healed," he said. The Holy King of Bliss smiled faintly, "Much better. Can you bring me the Book of Nothingness?"? Show it to me! Song Liangli suddenly sensed Yang Pu's position and immediately said, "Far away in the sky of nothingness!" Hurriedly cut off, let the holy king of bliss call, best green coffee bean extract ,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, still refused to send out the brain wave. "Oh," said Song Liangli, "the holy king may have discovered my whereabouts, but he wants me to show him the treasure book. Isn't that telling everything?" "How come?" Asked Su Chang? If we find out, we can still be here as good as before? That sentence is mostly the idiom of your channelers, asking you to give him a look with the method of channeling. "Don't be alarmed," said Kublai, "if the authorities are confused, don't be alarmed, little prodigy! If you don't believe me, wait half an hour to know! "Then wait," said Song Liangli. Do not dare to take risks, immediately hold your breath and wait. When they saw that he was so cautious, they gathered up their minds and dared not make a sound. Time goes by, suffering in the end through half a moment, the king of bliss did not appear, Song Liangli began to feel a little relieved, saying: "It seems that I am frightened by the Holy King!" "Scare him back," said Kublai. "I dare not," said Song Liangli. "If you steal the treasure, you can frighten him," said Kublai. Song Liangli suddenly said, "It's a good way!" After thinking for a while, he said, "Yang Pu is about a hundred feet to the left. I'll go and have a look. Is there a secret passage?" "Turn the corner," said Jing Shanshe. "There's an exit. It's the ancient well of the firewood house. It's more private and convenient from that end." They then turned away, and sure enough, after a hundred feet, they found a small passage. Song Liangli lifted the stone, and it was an ancient well. It was already dark outside, and it was snowing. The guard was not strict. Song Liangli made a prompt decision and sneaked away. Kublai and others covered the stone and waited quietly. Song Liangli quickly dived through the woodshed, turned to the cloister, and finally arrived near the quaint and elegant room. The light flashed, and sure enough, the figure dressed in a Confucian shirt was already shaking. Song Liangli could not be mistaken, so he immediately dived under the window and shouted in a low voice, "Mr. Yang?"? I'm Ali! The voice comes out, the father and son connect the heart, Yang Pu is surprised: "Is you?!"! Why are you here?! Hurriedly pushing the window, Song Liangli sneaked in. Yang Pu quickly closed the casement and exulted, "You're safe and sound after all." With tears in his eyes, after all, he saw his son suffer with his own eyes, but he could not help him, and he was very distressed. Song Liangli comforted him by saying, "I'm fine, but my father has lost a lot of weight and has a lot on his mind.." Yang Pu sighed, "Jin has broken its promise, and its ambition has greatly increased. How can I feel at ease?" "Father can leave," said Song Liangli. Yang Pu sighed, "It's not time yet. When the time comes, Dad will deal with it.." Song Liangli knew that his father had other plans, but since he didn't say anything, he couldn't ask. "As long as my father has a plan," he said, "it's all right. But the boy came here this time to steal back the treasure plundered by the Jin army." "There are so many treasures," said Yang Piao. "How can you steal them?"? Especially in the territory of Jin. Before he had finis speaking, that voice of the holy K of bliss suddenly sounded outside: "Yang Junshi, who are you talking to?" Less than twenty feet. The father and son of Yang and Song were so frightened that their limbs were stiff as if they were tattooed with iron. The holy king is haunted. Has he discovered the secret?! Incandescent Angel Bookstore OCR Team The first chapter is the treasure of wisdom. The holy king has approached the elegant room. The situation is extremely critical. Song Liangli did not dare to think a little,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, the direct reaction wanted to hide, although the limbs were stiff, still went under the bed. prius-biotech.com

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