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The complete works of Hua Huo's short stories Full-time Job

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Fortunately, the green tree loves to eat, which gives her a little comfort. At this time, a little girl picked a lot of Gardenia, holding it in the palm of her hand, and ran all the way to the green dye. Mother, mother, look, so beautiful. Well, it's beautiful. Bi Ran gently picked up the child and inserted the gardenia in the child's pigtail, with a delicate fragrance overflowing. In fact, Bi Ran has been thinking about whether the young master remembers what happened the night she was drunk and Begonia sent him back. Maybe-no maybe. The fragrance of Gardenia can intoxicate people, and Bi Ran felt drunk because she seemed to see the person in her dream. Holding a pink moth in his hand, he stood under the tree, wet and waiting to meet her. Pomegranate Flower Charm · Qimengsheng Time: 2008-10-15 Source: Fireworks 200810 B Author: Yu Cold and Warm Font: Large, Medium and Small Color: Red, Green and Blue Default [Add to Favorites] Heat: 575 < One > Su Mo looked up, looked across the high wall made of green bricks, and saw a corner of the western sky, burning red clouds, a circle, dizzy. The sun has set. Another day. Su Mo sighed softly and intoned softly, "Don't you see, the bright mirror in the high hall has sad white hair, like hair in the morning and snow in the evening." In the courtyard, a few bamboos rustled in the breeze, and the path of goose eggs zigzagged to an arch. At first touch, Su Mo's eyes seemed to be suddenly burned, and suddenly retracted and looked away. The pomegranate flowers are red. She could not bear to look at it carefully, because she knew that an old copper lock was hanging there forever, locking her for eighteen years. This small courtyard is her world. Maybe it's a lifetime. When she was a child, she also struggled with her parents,hot tub wholesale, crying, and had to go out. Because the maid Xiaoji once told her vividly how her only sister, Qianqian, read, played and laughed freely in the garden outside the courtyard. As a result of the struggle, Xiaoji was driven out of Yunfu, and her mother replaced the elderly Mammy Li to serve her to this day. Su Mo picked up the steps and went up. A colorful butterfly flew from nowhere and fell on her skirt mischievously. A green peony was in full bloom on the white skirt. The butterfly probably couldn't tell the difference between the actual situation and the actual situation. She came to look for Fang. After a long time, she found herself deceived and spread her wings and went away. Embroidery, from the hand of Su Mo, is hard to distinguish between true and false. Su Mo watched the butterfly fly over the high wall, but there was no trace of it. She thought to herself,whirlpool hot tub, "Even if you know everything about piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, even if you know everything about needlework, what can you do?"? No one appreciates it , is equal to nothingness. Mammy Li shouted in the room, "Miss, it's sunset. It's cool outside. Come back to the house quickly. I've stewed the best bird's nest for you." Su Mo pretended not to hear, slowly raised his arm, delicate jade hand from the sleeve exposed, in his hand, there is a book, carefully read clearly, above three big characters, "Stone Story". Mother's sad face appeared in front of her eyes, "Su Mo, you are my only daughter, your life is safe, is my greatest blessing." Su Mo does not understand, as long as peace, no happiness, is also a blessing? But she didn't say anything. For eighteen years, best whirlpool tub ,garden jacuzzi tub, she had learned to accept her parents' arrangement. Including the fact that they engaged her. Heard that, is never met a man called Qingling, no matter how talented, both civil and military, for her, but is a strange name, fellow traveler a passer-by B, probably, there is no difference. I heard that he accompanied his mother back to his hometown to worship his ancestors and did not return for a long time. On that day, her old father came to visit her, and his words revealed his wish to marry them as soon as he came back. Su Mo looked out of the window and pretended not to hear. She envied Daiyu that she could meet such a man and spend the best years together. Even if she could not be entrusted to her for life, it was worth it. But is this her whole life? < II > What should come will come unexpectedly, even if there are many obstacles. That night, Su Mo tossed and turned, unable to sleep, she put on her clothes and got up, in the blue and white moonlight, walked leisurely along the stone path to the arch, and then walked leisurely back, so repeatedly. Every step is lonely. Suddenly he turned around and found that the man stood in the depths of the pomegranate flowers and smiled at her. At that time, the moonlight was like water, and everything was quiet. Su Mo Leng, yes, is he, in her dream appeared countless times, face like the full moon, color like spring dawn. She's crazy about it. He came over, without a word, just looked at her, tenderness, Su Mo felt, heart, are broken. She asked in a trembling voice, "Childe, where did you come from?" He answered, "When I saw this courtyard, the gate of the courtyard was locked all the time, and I thought it was a deserted place. "When the moonlight was bright at night, I climbed over the wall and wanted to read a volume of poetry and books to my heart's content. I didn't want to meet a young lady and offend her." Su Mo did not speak, took the book in his hand, is Li Yishan's collection. She smiled and intoned, "It is difficult to meet each other, and it is also difficult to leave each other. The east wind is powerless and flowers are broken.". Spring silkworm to the end of silk, wax torch into ashes before tears dry. She looked at him and heard him say in surprise, "So, Miss is also a person who knows poetry." It's too late to meet. As soon as the rooster crows, the world will be white. He was reluctant to leave. "I should go." People want to go, the heart is reluctant to give up, had to stay there, eyes lingering, for a long time, before turning away, over the high wall. Su Mo suddenly could not bear it and raised her voice and asked, "Tomorrow night, are you still coming?" He looked through the branches and leaves of the pomegranate tree, gazed at Su Mo, and nodded firmly. Suddenly disappeared. Su Mo's soul return, see, a cool, dewdrop, tears in the heart of the flower. She smiled softly. What a beautiful day. The second day, he came again, the third day, the fourth day.. Su Mo didn't ask him his name. What's so important about that? He is the most important person. Suddenly one night, Su Mo and he were playing chess under the pomegranate tree. With a creak, the door opened. Su Mo hurriedly turned around and saw Li Mammy's gray clothes appearing from the crack of the door. She said, "Miss, it's late at night. What are you still doing?" Su Mo panicked, at a loss,whirlpool hot tub spa, and was burning with anxiety: What should I do? What should I do? ? Turn around Only to find that he was gone. She had to answer, but the corners of her eyes and eyebrows were looking around. She saw him hiding under a pomegranate tree in the shadow of the wall in the distance. A pomegranate flower was in full bloom on his forehead. He winked at her quietly, and Su Mo smiled.

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Murai nodded. "Don't worry, Master Lin. I'll distract those people." Lin Feng patted the village well on the shoulder, although he has the ability to defeat these militants, but time waits for no one, Subei a person in the liaison hall do not know how the specific situation, he did not have extra time to fight these people, so only in the village well to draw these people away, he can take the opportunity to arrive at the liaison hall. On the other side, Subei's clenched fist seemed to be paralyzed and hit the enemy's head one by one. His hands were covered with blood, and he could not tell whether it was the enemy's or his own. The confrontation lasted for a long time, but there was no trace of fatigue on Subei's body. His whole body was like falling into a dream and repeating his movements mechanically. His goal was only one: to seize the liaison hall. Most of the soldiers present are carrying guns, Subei can only use the agility of the body against the opponent, so his body has appeared a lot of abrasions, Lin Feng felt when he saw such a situation, a sharp pain in his heart, he began to attack each other from behind the enemy without saying a word, each punch poured into his anger. Before the opponent could react, he punched the opponent, of course,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, only temporarily knocking the opponent unconscious. Subei was about to fall to the ground in an instant. Lin Feng hugged him to death: "Thank you, baby, you have worked hard!" Subei, who had regained his sobriety, shook his head with a smile and stood up with a strong body: "Send out the information quickly while no one dares to come now." "Good!" Lin Feng nodded firmly, took out the U disk, plugged in the computer. Lin Feng quickly operated on the computer,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, and soon 90% of the screen appeared. 80% 50% 30% 10% Stuck in the last 10%, the footsteps of the enemy followed, Lin Feng and Subei closely staring at the door. Pig head three wanton guffaw face appeared in front of two people: "Oh, looking at two so hard, I really do not have the heart to tell you the truth." As soon as Lin Feng's eyes narrowed, he suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart. "What's the use of you two working so hard? I've already sent someone to turn off the main power supply. Ha ha ha.." he said. Even if you collect evidence, what's the use! Oh, I just like the look of surprise, regret and despair you are showing now. Hum ~ who told you to dare to confront me! When the third pig said the last sentence, his whole face showed a strange ferocity. Are you too much fat on your face, so you are dazzled by squeezing? Lin Feng stood in front of Subei, glanced at the computer desktop, '4%', 304 stainless steel wire ,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, no longer worried, said: "I think you said these expressions will soon appear on your pig face!" "I tell you, Lin Feng, don't be too proud. It's useless for you to talk quickly now. You'll cry later." The computer screen showed 3%, Lin Feng smiled: "Oh, I would like to see who is crying and who is laughing in the end!" " Only then did the third pig discover that there was something wrong. Before he came, he ordered his men to cut off the main power supply. But why is it that the electrical appliances in the whole laboratory are still as usual without any damage? "Ha ha, pig head three, it seems that the effect of your work is not very good!" "You, hum, I advise you to cancel the transmission yourself, otherwise there are so many machine guns here that you can't get out alive." "Ha ha ha, do you know what the biggest joke I've ever heard in my life is?" Lin Feng stared at Zhu Tou San tightly and said, "You still want to kill me with a few broken machine guns. Please tell jokes on different occasions in the future." Lin Feng said these words are not puffed up, but because these so-called machine guns really can not help him, not to mention the years of exercise outside so that he has enough ability to subdue these soldiers with his bare hands, Lin Feng alone uses his powers to make them drink a pot. But the pig head three is looking at on the computer monitor 2%, finally was could not bear, the side head asked his men: "How to return a responsibility, that batch cuts the power lamp waste?" The soldier trembled and took out the instrument to contact those people, but the instrument was snatched by the pig head three, "You fools, how come you haven't.." "Ah.." Wow. Ah, ah.. The voice from the walkie-talkie made the pig's whole face green. It was obviously the sound of screaming. He had a bad feeling in his heart. Sure enough, after a burst of current, it seemed that the walkie-talkie had been picked up. Then a deep voice came out: "Lin Feng, it's solved here!" What Why did the people inside know that Lin Feng would be on the other end of the walkie-talkie? Who is this guy? When Lin Feng heard the voice of the blade, he smiled shallowly and said, "Very good. We're going to solve it here." "Bastard, are you looking at us?"? We are the strongest spy team in M country. "Hum, it's a quick admission now. Unfortunately, I'm afraid the strongest spy team in M country will disappear today." The display screen of the computer: 1%. Zhu Tousan couldn't wait any longer. He had to destroy the computer. He raised it to destroy the computer, but he found that his fingers could not move at all. I don't know when Lin Feng was already standing beside him, and his wrist was being firmly pinched in his hand by Lin Feng: "Ah.." Zhu Tou San couldn't help begging for mercy. His wrist seemed to be broken. Lin Feng watched Zhu Tou San's hand fall to the ground and let him fall to the ground slowly. Finally, Lin Feng said, "I said, you are no match for me at all." "Ding!" The computer screen instantly lit up, the data was sent out successfully, Lin Feng and Subei breathed a sigh of relief at the same time, but the three hearts of the pig collapsed on the ground felt a burst of despair, it's over, everything is over, it had told him that if the plan was successful,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, he would enjoy endless splendor and wealth, but if it failed, in order to save the face of M country in the international M will abandon him and he will be court-martialed.