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Spiritualist priest Full-time Job

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In one month, Tiangong first monopolized more than two-thirds of the private equipment sales on the market. At the same time, he also set up branches in many major cities of different races. In addition, he also brought the strongest appraiser Wang Zhai into the Tiangong Guild and set up his own chain of appraisers. He established Tiangong's intelligence network and information points in major cities. He also merged the food chain of Luoshuicheng Niu Chef into Tiangong's subordinate organizations. In addition, Tiangong has a lot of cooperation in weapons manufacturing and medicine with Luoshui Gang, Uniform Gang and Red Gang. And absorb the small guilds that are in a weak position among the major races to join the Heavenly Palace Guild as a subsidiary. Now the Heavenly Palace, I'm afraid, has grown into a giant, right? A small hand of emerald green empty armor was cold, and he stood one meter away from Wang Yu with his hands on his chest, with a half-smile on his face. The whole person has a quiet and graceful temperament, like a cold plum standing quietly in the snow, emitting an intoxicating fragrance. At this time, there were only two people in the private study of the Tiangong headquarters, Wang Yu and Xiao Shou, and the atmosphere was ambiguous. Especially when Wang Yu saw the cold, proud and provocative eyes of her little hands, he had the illusion that he was playing some kind of conquest game with her. Yes, is the game of conquest, since the beginning of the cold hands, the lonely heart,digital signage kiosk, the outside proud and strong woman with a hard shell to disguise themselves, even in the face of the most favorable Wang Yu, will never show a trace of weakness. In this way, Wang Yu has a desire to conquer her completely. Small hands cold at this time looks good, snow-white melon seeds on the face, beautiful eyes slightly squint, Yingguang flow with an amazing amorous feelings. The bridge of her nose is quite pretty, and the slightly pursed lip line shows strength and distance as always. It's a paradox: I want to get close to her,outdoor digital signage displays, but I'm afraid I'll burn myself if I get too close. Is this a rose with thorns? Wang Yu's eyes swept over her crisp chest and noticed that because her hands were encircled, the full jade breasts were squeezed even more eye-catching. Especially the beautiful collarbone in front of the hollowed-out breastplate, and the hazy and ambiguous cleavage in the middle of the breasts, the kind of snow greasy and soft in the pink and tender, make people feel at a glance that the soul does not belong, and the three souls have lost seven souls. Hey, where are your eyes looking! The little hand was cold and felt Wang Yu's naked eyes with aggressive intentions, and two red clouds rose on his face. Wang Yu is the only one who can show this kind of shy mood in front of men, who is always cold and arrogant. As if to distract Wang Yu's attention, his little hand was cold and said, "I regret cooperating with your heavenly palace now. I'm really worried that our undead alliance will be swallowed up by your heavenly palace.". I think you are worrying too much. Wang Yu's eyes swept over many sensitive points on his cold hands and said with a bad smile, "Aren't we very happy to cooperate?"? The Red Moon Society is now only half breathing, and your alliance is developing smoothly in the eternal night city. But I always have the feeling of making a wedding dress for you. The little hand snorted coldly and said coldly, "When the Red Moon Society is solved, do you want to conquer our Undead Alliance?"? Wang Yu's eyes, information kiosk price ,smart interactive whiteboard, as pure as black gems, stared at the cold and glittering eyes of her little hands. Her heart jumped up like a deer, and her eyes became a little afraid to look at him. Then he said with a faint smile: In fact, I want to conquer you more than those things.. Bring it on! His little hands were cold and he forced himself to keep a straight face. But why is there a sweet feeling in my heart? She stepped back and her chest rose and fell a few times, as if she were breathing to stabilize her mood. After calming down for a while, his little hands were cold and he returned to his usual calmness. He said to Wang Yu with a sly smile, "Why don't we make a bet? If you fail to conquer our Undead Alliance within a month, you will never be allowed to attack it.". Oh, what if I succeed? Wang Yu approached a few steps forward, his hands were not honest enough to encircle the cold waist of his little hands, and his warm palms gently stroked her round buttocks through the thin armor, as if the claws of a kitten were gently scratching the cold and not tough nerves of his little hands. Will you promise to be my woman? Do you think it's possible? The little hand gave him a cold look, although the expression could still pretend to be strong, but the increasingly weak body betrayed her true thoughts. Smelling the good smell on Wang Yu's body, she suddenly wanted to relax and throw herself into his arms. Both of them breathed a little hot, blowing each other's hair and temples, feeling a little numb, crisp and itchy in their hearts. The two faces are getting closer and closer. At the most critical moment, the door of the study was suddenly knocked open with a loud noise. President, just received a challenge from the enemy, half an hour later, the 16 guilds headed by the Secret Butterfly Society will launch a guild war against us! It's a raid, uh.. In the middle of the conversation, when the direwolf saw the situation in the room, he choked like a duck strangled by his neck, and his eyes were bigger than brass bells. Embarrassed, a few seconds later, the direwolf shrank his neck and carefully stepped back to explain: "I didn't see anything, President, you go on.". Pow! When the door closed, Wang Yu and his little hands were cold and his big eyes stared at him for a long time, and then they laughed together. In the conference room of the headquarters of the Heavenly Palace, in addition to the nomadic dragon and the lovely little witch who manage the branch in other places, the backbone of the Heavenly Palace, such as Kazhi Excellence, Northern Lights, Jiyun Xiaoxian, Chihiro, Love Magic Bite, Nannan, Eyelash Qiaoqiao, Yuqiu, Prince of the Sea and Direwolf, have all gathered. In addition, the small hand is cold because it represents the undead alliance and has a cooperative relationship with the Heavenly Palace, so it also attended the emergency meeting. 433 Forever NO1 (Finale) Who is the king? Look at the changing world, who is the master of ups and downs,touch screen digital signage, and decide in the first World War. Wang Yu simply looked at the guild challenge letter from the Secret Butterfly Club received in the guild channel. A cold smile: "It seems that the secret butterfly will want to play a big one this time, actually gathered the sixteen guilds in the nine races, it is really a big deal!".

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