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Remaining Temperature by Madman Three Three [End] Full-time Job

Nov 16th, 2022 at 21:11   Marketing & Communication   Farrukhabad   75 views Reference: 64
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Fu Zhan sat upright on the armchair in front of him, but his god-like facial features were extremely indifferent. He stared at Aestivation with an expressionless face and said in a deep voice, "Long time no see, Leaf." Aestivation heart shock, this voice. She was so familiar with the voice that she remembered it when she was picked up from the scene of the accident and the deep magnetic voice of the mysterious uncle sounded in her ears. Aestivation was stunned for a moment, and then came the joy: "Uncle!"! Fu Zhan's expression did not fluctuate at all, aestivation gradually felt wrong, not seen for many years, why did he use this way to meet himself? Fu Zhan slowly stood up, slender tall and straight posture like a mountain pine and cypress, he stood quietly in front of aestivation, looking down at her, as if a supreme decision-maker. Do you know why I want to save you? Fu Zhan's cold voice made Aestivation feel cold. She stared at him in a daze, her eyes full of fear and despair. Her fear and despair. Is Fu Zhan appalling chill, he is purposeful, but aestivation dare not listen to any more. Her life is already full of dirt and terrible lies. She didn't want this last bit of hope to be dashed,touch screen interactive whiteboard, and how grateful she had been to the people in front of her. Aestivation quickly looked away and mumbled, "I don't know, but I'm grateful." "Grateful?" Fu Zhan twisted laughter, handsome face plate some ferocious, "I do not know if you know the truth, will not be grateful to me?" Aestivation looked at him in amazement,interactive touch screens education, surprised by the word "truth" in his mouth. Was there anything else she should know? Fu Zhan did not say any more, but has been looking up at the wrist watch, he seems to be waiting for someone, Ying Ting's eyebrows and eyes faintly showing a bit of impatience. Aestivation looked around, it was an old abandoned warehouse, and it really had the atmosphere of kidnapping. She and Fu Zhan were the only ones in the huge mining space. The sunset slanted on the mottled wall. Fu Zhan had been bowing his head and playing with the lighter without paying attention to her condition. As soon as Aestivation tried to find an object that could rub the rope, Fu Zhan turned his back to her and shouted, "If you don't want to know the cause of your mother's death, you can try to escape." Aestivation suddenly raised his head, only to see Fu Zhan's cold and arrogant figure. …… What did you say Aestivation asked in disbelief, the tone trembled, interactive panels for education ,interactive digital whiteboard, and the whole person seemed to have fallen into a cold pool as cold as the bone. Fu Zhan looked back at her and his lips moved slightly: "You will know the story of Ye Xun and your father right away." Who caused your tragedy? Fu Zhan said half did not continue, aestivation brain confused digestion of the meaning of his words. Isn't the story of Ye Xun and Shi Ruikai what she thought? He killed Ye Xun for his first love, and he didn't even let his own daughter go. Is there anything else? Aestivation nervously sitting on the cement floor, cold floor bursts of moisture spread all the way into the bottom of my heart. I don't know how long it lasted, but the old iron gate was finally pushed open. The eyes of the man who came in collided with aestivation. Both of them looked at each other in astonishment. Bo Sicheng frowned and looked at Fu Zhan. His voice was cold to the bone: "Who are you?"? Kidnap aestivation and what do you want to do? Aestivation also complex look at Fu Zhan, she did not know much about Fu Zhan, but was saved by him when he was a child that left some vague impression. And at that time, almost all the servants were taking care of her at the age of five, so she didn't see Fu Zhan several times. Once in a while, twice at night, Fu Zhan was filled with the smell of alcohol. The irony of Fu Zhan's eyes was not concealed. He sat back in the armchair leisurely, his slender legs folded idly: "It doesn't matter who I am, but aestivation, you seem to have never figured out who she is." Bo Sicheng frowned and looked at aestivation several times doubtfully. He went straight over to help aestivation untie the rope on his body, Fu Zhan also did not stop, only looked at with a smile, he seemed to be sure that aestivation would not escape. Bo Sicheng took the rope away and looked up coldly at Fu Zhan: "I have never understood the purpose of your asking me to come. Now I don't want to know. You are so boring." He raised himself to aestivation and whispered, "Let's go." Aestivation did not move, eyes have been falling on Fu Zhan. Fu Zhan, with an inscrutable smile in his eyes, looked at the time and said, "Wait a little longer. This big play still lacks a leading actor, who is also the director." Bo Sicheng frowned more deeply, and the warehouse quieted down for a moment, leaving only the uneasy breath of the three men floating slightly. There was a crisp sound of high-heeled shoes outside the warehouse door, getting closer and closer step by step, and the eyes of Aestivation and Bo Sicheng unconsciously looked at the door. The afterglow of the setting sun was first projected in, and the orange halo draped over the man's slightly plump body. When Bo Sicheng saw the man coming, he unexpectedly called out, "Wei Qin?" Wei Qin's originally irascible expression changed slightly, and when he saw the aestivation beside Bo Sicheng, he tightened his fingernails holding his handbag: "You-" Fu Zhan knocked on the armrest and turned up the corners of his mouth: "Don't worry, your stupid husband doesn't know anything yet. How boring it is to see his reaction with your own eyes without such a soul-stirring secret." Wei Qin glanced ruthlessly at Fu Zhan and scolded him bitterly, "Shut up!" Bo Sicheng also recognized some eyebrows. His eyes moved back and forth between Wei Qin and Fu Zhan, and his eyebrows were locked: "Do you know each other?" His usually dignified features were more serious, and his voice was not as gentle as it used to be. "Who is he?" Wei Qin's face was pale and he swallowed his saliva nervously. He looked at Bo Sicheng with some deliberate ingratiation: "He is a neuropathy. Don't pay any attention to him." Fu Zhan's eyes were even colder. He took out a brown paper bag from behind and shook it in front of Bo Sicheng: "Mayor Bo, I really can't bear to expose it. You are indeed a good public servant of the people. Unfortunately,touch screen board classroom, you are not a competent man." Bo Sicheng looked at Fu Zhan quietly and looked at the information bag in his hand. Here are two DNA test reports that I believe you will be very interested in. Fu Zhan accentuated the pronunciation of the word "interest" and threw the bag in his hand to Bo Sicheng. Wei Qin's face was even more ugly, and he was so white in an instant that there was no trace of blood. She staggered to grab it, and Bo Sicheng raised his hand and put the bag where she could not grab it.

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