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Quickly wear to save the male partner as its own duty by winter snow Full-time Job

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"Fold your quilt again." The drillmaster was a little embarrassed by her sudden rise to the top of the line and lowered his voice. Chapter 224 Cold Major General (19). "Yes!" Kang Nien started to fold the quilt according to what Qiao Xinming had taught her. Wow, how did you do that? The little girl on one side exclaimed again. Who taught you that? The drillmaster was interested, and it was even more standardized than what he taught. Back to the drillmaster, my brother taught me. Kang Nian-en puffed out his chest and answered. Is your brother a soldier? It's incredible. No, my brother is a student of Beijing University. Kang Nien answered with a proud face. En, your brother is so awesome. The girl with short hair looked at Kang Nien with starry eyes and said. Somehow, Kang Nien, who had just been happy, suddenly became unhappy and did not talk to her again. Keep it that way. The drillmaster really did not know what to say, casually perfunctory two left the little girl's group. On the other side, Qiao Xinming took Gao Tianlu and Yang Chunjuan to a food street some distance away from their school. As soon as Gao Tianlu and Yang Chunjuan saw the store he had chosen, they could not help clenching their pockets, but could not think of a reason to refuse, so they had to bite the bullet and go in. Qiao Xinming and others talk about things, often come here to eat, the environment is good, and clean, the most important thing is that it looks good. And the taste is good,plastic pallet suppliers, so I want to come here, and when I go back, I can pack for the little girl by the way. You eat first, and I'll go to buy something. The three of them chatted while eating, and time passed quickly. When they were almost eating, Qiao Xinming suddenly opened his mouth. It's all right, it's all right. Senior,collapsible pallet bin, don't worry. We'll wait for you here. Yang Chunjuan waved her hand like an amnesty, but Qiao Xinming did not know why. As soon as he left their sight, the two men, who had just forced a smile, grimaced in an instant. I still have six hundred yuan here, except for the food expenses for the next half month, there are only three hundred yuan left. I guess it's not enough. Gao Tianlu said to Yang Chunjuan with some embarrassment that it was his proposal to invite guests and ask Yang Chunjuan to make peace with them. But he did not expect that Qiao Xinming would bring them to such a high-end place. When he just ordered, he peeked at the menu, and there was no dish in their normal budget. With only a few living expenses and no food or drink for a month, it is estimated that they will be able to have a meal here. I can squeeze out two hundred at most. Yang Chunjuan is also a little embarrassed, girls love beauty, that two hundred yuan, plastic pallet price ,plastic pallet containers, or she squeezed out to buy cosmetics. Her family is not as well off as Gao Tianlu, and the living expenses given by her family are too small to be able to control at will. Why don't we go to the front and ask how much it is, and then we can think of a way if it's not enough. Yang Chunjuan's helpless proposal. Yeah, go. They stopped eating and went straight to the front desk. It's booth number twelve, isn't it? The total is 768. The waiter pulled out the invoices that had just been put together and looked back. This, two people look at each other, all is a face at a loss. Sister, do you still recruit day laborers here? We don't have so much money today. Yang Chunjuan said shyly to the front desk. One side of Gao Tianlu is handsome face red, the whole body is stiff and do not know what to do. Eh? Aren't you together? Mr. Joe has already paid the bill just now. The front desk is not clear, so Qiao Xinming is an old customer of their shop in the past year, and every time he comes, he will bring a lot of consumption. Ah Yang Chunjuan and Gao Tianlu looked at each other and were stunned. Has senior Qiao already paid the bill? It was agreed that they would treat. Just still in the heart, secretly complained about Qiao Xinming lion big mouth Yang Chunjuan, embarrassed blush. Let's go back and wait for the senior. Gao Tianlu pulled Yang Chunjuan out of her mind. Yeah, okay. In the strange eyes of the front desk, the two men fled back to their seats. Did the senior buy so many things? Yang Chunjuan saw Qiao Xinming come in with a lot of things and opened his mouth to adjust the atmosphere. Buy some of the special snacks here for my family. "Isn't the senior Cantonese?" Qiao Xinming's accent is very obvious, and his legend is everywhere in the school. It is said that after he was an official in Guangdong Province, his family conditions were good. Mr. Joe, here is the food you packed. "A tall waiter came over and smiled and handed Qiao Xinming a bag of packed food." Thank you Qiao Xinming nodded. This waiter's service attitude is very good, and very winking, she came several times, she was in the reception, the impression is good. It's almost time. Go back early. There are still people waiting for me at home. Qiao Xinming raised his hand and looked at the opening of his wristwatch. Senior Joe doesn't live on campus? Senior Joe's family is here, too? Gao Tianlu looked up at Yang Chunjuan, who seemed to pay special attention to the matter of senior Qiao. No, I bought a house near the school for convenience. I don't know why, when Yang Chunjuan asked what he said about his family, Qiao Xinming didn't want to admit it, so he passed it by. Ah, that's right. Yang Chunjuan looked at Qiao Xinming's eyes and could not help changing. Here is an inch of land in the capital, in order to facilitate reading, buy a house, we can see his family conditions. The heart can not help but rise up an inexplicable joy, and determined to win. At this time, because Qiao Xinming again pay the bill of embarrassment, has been completely ignored by her, anyway, Qiao senior family is so rich, he does not care about the three melons and two dates. It was Gao Tianlu who had been blushing and hesitating to speak. He really didn't know what to say. Oh, by the way, do you have any ideas about the club? On the way back,drum spill pallet, Qiao Xinming suddenly thought that the school would soon have formal classes, and various associations would begin to recruit new students. Ah? What club? Yang Chunjuan lowered her head and asked completely out of form. There are many school clubs, many of which are very powerful clubs. Participating in clubs can exercise people very much. I suggest you go to the school digest when you have time.

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