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Quick wear raiders: the female partner is poisonous Full-time Job

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The scenery can not care about these, she stepped on the ground barefoot, inserted the waist is a burst of cursing, "who do you think you are?"? All women have to like you, and they can do anything for you? Do you know that your intelligence quotient is negatively proportional to your face? Every day you think you are an ancient emperor. All the women stand in rows waiting for you to be lucky. They also perform a palace trick for you. Their faces are whiter than women, their waists are thinner than women, and their legs are longer than women. Not every woman likes you as a sissy, and the Cinderella behind you is only protected by you as a princess every day. This young lady is white, rich and beautiful. Is it difficult for her to lower her status and compete with her for favor? The air in the whole building smells bad because of your stupid breath, you idiot! She held out her right hand and pointed a middle finger, "son of bitch!" Song Mo's face was blue and white, his handsome face looked funny because of a shoe print on one side, his chest was floating up and down, as if he heard a woman swearing at him for the first time and did not know how to react, and finally swept to a group of heads exposed in the corner of the corridor, "What are you looking at?"! Don't you have to work? A group of people watching the scene of bustle immediately dispersed, some people have not forgotten to pick up their mobile phones dropped on the ground. Chapter 17 raiders glasses abstinence man. Summer, wind, light! You want to die! Song Mo's anger is not generally big, he loosened his grip on Qiu Niannian's hand, step by step toward the scenery. A man stood out in the middle,empty lotion tubes, blocking Song Mo's way forward, "President, Miss Qiu's injury needs treatment." Song Mo looked back, Qiu Niannian because of sprain, plus just been pulled by him, is now leaning against the wall, the pain of the face are out of a thin layer of sweat, she stood there alone,custom cosmetic packing, like a Cinderella abandoned. Summer scenery, this matter is not over. After gnashing his teeth and saying this, Song Mo turned around and picked up Qiu Niannian and left. The scenery breathed a sigh of relief. Now I know I'm afraid. Bai Zhi picked up the two shoes she had thrown on the ground and came over, squatting down and stuffing her exposed feet into the shoes. She said, "I'm not afraid, it's just." It's just that I don't want to ruin my image as a lady in the eyes of others. Song Mo is a man, and she is just a woman, the system only for her point hit point, and no point force value, so she can throw Song Mo may not be able to win him. Bai Zhi stood up. He was speechless. The scenery is uneasy, "I.." Am I giving you trouble? "No." "Why are you looking at me like that?" "I wonder how many more surprises you can bring me." She smirked, "then the future is so long, you can look forward to it, that what." Her complexion shows scruple a bit, Bai Zhi asks her: "How?" Aren't you interested in that Qiu Niannian? You don't care about her when she's hurt? After listening to her resentful words, cosmetic plastic tube ,empty cosmetic tubes, Bai Zhi sighed, originally she still remembered this matter in her heart, well, if not clear, it is estimated that she will always remember this matter, "I and she are not what you think." "It's not what I think. What is it?" "My mother, she died when I was very young." Bai Zhi thought of the past, his eyes were dark and unclear, "because my father had other women outside, so she was abandoned." "Bai Zhi." The scenery hugged his arm, apparently not wanting him to say any more. But Bai Zhi smiled with relief. He took her in his arms and kissed her on the top of her head. "Qiu Niannian is very similar to my mother. It's not appearance but feeling. They are all dodder flowers." The dodder flower that can't live without a man. I'm sorry. I shouldn't be so petty. It must have been a bad memory, and she felt guilty because she reminded him of what had happened. It's none of your business. I'm fine now. She stood on tiptoe and kissed his chin. "I promise, with me, no one will bully you in the future." "My pleasure." He bowed his head and kissed her. The mister of the fashion company set the dinner in the restaurant by the sea. Bai Zhi took the document to the appointed place. His mood was not relaxed. According to his investigation, Yu Li was a young and promising man, but also a difficult person. As the president of the fashion company, he only sent a secretary here, which was not appropriate. Perhaps in Yu Li's opinion, It would be an insult. Inside came the voice of a man and a woman talking happily. Bai Zhi pushed the door with his hand. He felt very familiar with the female voice. When a waiter pushed the dining car in the corridor, he opened the door. Sure enough, there was a handsome man and a beautiful woman sitting inside. The woman got up and went to the door holding Bai Zhi's arm, "Xiaoyuer, this is my boyfriend, how about it, handsome?" This woman, of course, is beautiful. It's not Xiaoyu, it's Xiaoyu. Daily correction, Yu Li looked at Bai Zhi, rather disgusted way: "All right." Bai Zhi nodded, "General Manager Yu, I am Bai Zhi who came to replace President Zhanan." Chapter 18 raiders glasses abstinence man. "Hum, I know who you are, the little girl every day to mention you, I want to do not know also difficult, how can Song Mo send you, others?" Yu Li's every move was very elegant, so his criticism became aristocratic criticism. The president, he. Without waiting for Bai Zhi to finish, the scenery pulled him to sit down and interrupted him, "Song Mo went to play the game of Prince and Cinderella with his Qiu Nian, so today is my Bai Zhi coming to talk business with you." "Song Mo." Yu Li said in a strange way, "He took me as a pawn. When my uncle came to the dinner party, he sent a secretary to perfunctory me." "Hey, I don't like to hear that. Is Miss Ben's boyfriend insulting you by coming to talk business with you?" Yu Li seemed to think of this layer, Leng for a moment, and cut a sound, "and who is not good to fall in love,cosmetic tube packaging, must find a small secretary." "I like him, and I don't want anyone but Bai Zhi." The scenery grasps Bai Zhi's hand, and his little face is serious.

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