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President's husband catches up with the door Full-time Job

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When the two children saw Fu Yueze sitting on the sofa with an expressionless face, they immediately stopped. Su Zixuan was afraid to take two steps back to hide behind Su Zichen, Su Zichen cold under the small cool face, to meet Fu Yueze's cold eyes toward them. You really deserve to be my son, Fu Yueze. Fu Yueze did not treat them as children, knowing that they were precocious and that there was no obstacle to communication with adults. Fu Yueze said in a cold voice, "Run away to find your mother?"? How long have you been thinking about this plan? ?” "Dad.." Su Zixuan poked his head out pitifully from behind Su Zichen, begging for mercy and acting like a spoiled child. Su Zichen did not beg for mercy, he pursed his mouth, and Fu Yueze's line of sight in the air for a few seconds, stubbornly put aside his face, no longer look at him. Don't speak? "Fu Yueze chuckled," can I spare you if you don't speak? " "Dad.." Dad was so terrible that Su Zixuan was so scared. Don't you forgive us! "Su Zi Chen said suddenly," We go to see mother, we are not wrong. "Dissatisfied with me?"? Very unconvinced ? What else Say it all here today. Fu Yueze smiled coldly, looked straight at him, and said. You can't lock up our mother. You're imprisoning people. It's against the law. We are mother's sons, not yours. Although Xuanxuan and I have your blood, legally speaking, we don't have a father,bottle blowing machine, we only have a mother. We should stay with our mother, not live with our aunt. Su Zichen opened his mouth and said, "Xuanxuan and I don't need anyone's permission to see my mother. We're not wrong!" Said, standing there with his neck, like a small lion about to fight, looked at by Fu Yueze's mocking and sarcastic eyes, Su Zichen's whole body stood straight, all his muscles collapsed tightly. How can this be like two fathers and sons? It's like two enemies meeting. Very jealous! Although she had already experienced a similar scene last night,juice filling machine, Nangong Jing was still stunned. Do you think, if you are not my Fu Yueze's son, what value do you have to stand in front of me safely and say what you just said? After a while, Fu Yueze hooked his lips and asked like Su Zichen. Hearing this, Su Zichen felt a shock all over his body and his lips trembled slightly: "I..." 'What's The matter? I can't say. ?” Fu Yueze chuckled, and his tone and manner were all sarcastic. If you don't have that strength, don't talk big. It will only make people laugh. "If you are not my sons and dare to openly challenge my authority and decisions, you will know that your fate will not be much better than your mother's," Fu Yueze said coldly. When he mentioned his mother in that tone, Su Zichen stared at Fu Yueze, his little hands clenched into fists, and his whole body trembled. Mother's dignity is inviolable, and the child who protects her mother can't tolerate others to say anything bad about her mother. Dad, you are so bad! "Even Su Zixuan, liquid bottle filling machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, who was hiding behind Su Zichen, could not recognize him and jumped out and accused him loudly.". After that, he was swept by his father's eyes, shrank his neck and clung to Su Zichen, but not like just now, he had been hiding behind Su Zichen and dared not face Fu Yueze in rage. Fu Yueze looked at the two of them, and his lips were slightly hooked: "Are you not convinced?"


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Su Zichen stalked his neck and looked up. Although Su Zixuan was afraid, he still looked at Fu Yueze and firmly refused to move away. Dad can't say that to mom, no means no, dad is so annoying that he doesn't like him anymore! Su Zixuan thought with special grievance in his heart. From tomorrow, you will follow me to study in the company. Confronted for a long time, Fu Yueze announced in a cold voice. Eh. If you work against your father like this, you will think that at least you will be beaten up, which seems to be different from the expected result? Seemingly unconvinced, the two brothers looked at each other and saw consternation in each other's eyes. Don't want to go? "Just listen to Fu Yueze ask again." "Yes!" Su Zichen answered in a loud voice. Follow your father to learn, he will be able to grow faster and faster, so that soon he can be a protective umbrella for his mother, so that her mother will not be bullied by anyone! Not even dad! Su Zixuan did not think so much about Su Zichen, he thought that if he could follow his father to work, he would not have to stay here every day, annoying aunt, he could finally not see her! Of course, tomorrow will be disappointed to find, pick up from here in the morning, dinner in the evening will still be sent back, aunt's face, not you want not to see! "Yes, I do!" At this time Su Zixuan happily replied, instantly forgetting that he had just been angry with his father, and rushed into the arms of Fu Yueze on the sofa with short legs, "Dad, I want to go." Then So simple to bury the hatchet, Fu Yueze sat in the middle, two children, one left and one right, one question and one answer, and happy. Nangong Jing gritted her teeth with hatred, and a strong sense of crisis enveloped her whole body, worrying about her unborn child who did not even have a shadow. Is this the rhythm of the family property being taken away by the illegitimate child outside before the child is born? The next day, Mo Yian made an appointment with Nangong Jing. Did Mr. Fu really lock up Xixi? "Mo Yian was very surprised.". Although this matter Su Zichen Su Zixuan already said with her, but she did not think at that time really so, after all, restricts other people's personal freedom, that is illegal! Fu Yueze to Su Xi Not so much as to do that. But did not expect, she hesitated to find Nangong Jing asked the exit, Nangong Jing actually nodded to admit. Get confirmation from Nangong Jing and know from Su Zichen and Su Zixuan that the feelings between the two are completely different. You know,plastic bottle making machine, Nangong Jing is Fu Yueze's fiancee! Su Xi, who gave birth to Fu Yueze's two sons, is undoubtedly her biggest enemy now. ! Had it not been for the knowledge that Su Zichen and Su Zixuan were already living in Nangong Jing's home. She would never ask Nangong Jing about this. I don't have the face to ask.

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