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Mu Mu Han Xue-Cloud Light Sky Blue (End) Full-time Job

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I just deliberately made things difficult for them, whether it was Qin Ming, who didn't have much surprise at that time, or Ling Sinan, who was the first to discover that something was wrong, or Chu Wuxie, who was a little heavy in my revenge, why can people who have made mistakes be forgiven if they say sorry? I am not so magnanimous, nor so benevolent, nor so kind-hearted. I am a woman, a vindictive little woman! Without waiting for Chu Wuxie to open his mouth, Huo Xuanjing said, "Cher, I don't care, but I didn't come to my senses at that time." I didn't say anything. Should I wait for them to react before leaving?! "Just because of this excuse, you can break Shuier's heart?!" Long Yu's tone is cold, they are unforgivable! Long Xiang is also a bad tone, "blame can only blame yourself for letting go of the opportunity, you are to blame!" Can not help but look at Long Yu and Long Xiang with complex eyes, the heart is also a strange. When I said everything, I was almost moved to tears by their careless attitude. In the following days,Marble Projects, they also healed my wounds with their hearts. Now, they come out to defend me. I often feel that all this is not real, however, it is really happening to me! Fu Zixuan came out with a sentence, "Cher, I should not have let Chu Wuxie go so cheaply at that time!" That's not what you want to say, is it? Brother, I have settled the matter with him,Agate Slabs For Sale, and I don't want to mention it again. "Cher, Chu Wuxie can, why can't you give us a chance?" Said the cloud shadow. Elder Martial Brother, I'm not the same person I used to be. I have someone I want to protect. Eyes glanced at Long Yu and Long Xiang. If I have the existence of the first seven people in my heart, then there is the position of Longyu and Longxiang. Because they showed up when I needed the most care and gave me the strength to carry on. Now I don't haggle over every ounce of that thing, but the little knot in my heart has not disappeared. It's not easy to enjoy the happiness of the people of Qi, so I really want to decide that it's not bad to stay in the palace and be a spoiled evil spirit. Is it the two of them? Leng Lin got up and walked step by step to Long Yu, whose clenched fist foreshadowed his subsequent movements. Not to be outdone, Long Yu looked at each other with cold eyes, sending out a strong breath of the king. I hate wild men. Not everything needs to be solved by force, although it may be possible now. Leng Lin looked back and said painfully, "Cher, I don't want to be awake all night because I miss you!" The heart moves. I am still very concerned about this man, that one-night stand is my love for him, and he and I are moved by each other. Leave is just to escape, Calacatta Nano Glass ,pietra gray marble, in the whole thing, only this man is the most innocent, and I should have stayed with him at that time, there will be no future. A sigh, a burst of helplessness, how can I refuse with a hard heart? "Rin, you know, I don't have a whole heart." I spoke slowly. I know. I always knew. There's no way to solve this thing. That's the conclusion I came to after I ran away twice. The only two ways, I am a lonely wandering around the world, and they do not see any of them; like some of the past life in the time travel novel, a woman and many husbands. The first way is not possible, the second way is not impossible, but, all of them are dominating one side, how can they accept, how can I accept nine men?! Chapter 22 Seize Love (Part Two). Leng Rin said firmly, "just because I am your first man, I will never give up!" This is true, but it was because of the poison of "love" that he and I could not help having a one-night stand. Huo Xuanjing suddenly opened his mouth, "so what?"? Cher didn't return my token, which means she has me in her heart. That's true, but I just think it's easier for me to ride roughshod with a token. Chu Wuxie took out a piece of paper from his bosom and slapped it on the table, "I have Cher's indenture, Cher should be mine!" This is not right, although it is my real name, but the indenture is not my name Fu Hanxue. Qin Ming and Yun Ying said in unison, "Cher kissed me on her own initiative!" As soon as the voice fell, the two men looked at each other. That's true, but it's a specific plot that happens in a specific environment. Ling Sinan said proudly, "Fu Ling's two families have an engagement, Cher should marry me!" This is also true, as far as I know, this guy first wanted to marry Ru Xue, but later, I became his target. Fu Zixuan's face was red, "Cher said she would be in the Fu family for a lifetime." This is not right again. I seemed to say that if no one wanted me, I would stay in the Fu family for the rest of my life. Shui'er is the imperial concubine who was granted by the emperor himself and announced to the world. Long Yu said as a matter of course. This is right, but the name of "Shuihan" is more false than the name of "Muhanxue" on the indenture. Long Xiang opened his mouth, "I don't care what you have, Cher likes me in her heart." This is right, but it seems that Longxiang is not the only one I like in my heart. In the first round, nine men's declarations concluded that five were right, two were wrong, two were half right and half wrong-why did this message appear in my mind? I don't even understand how the next moment, when I was still making things difficult for these men and trying to get them to admit their mistakes, it turned into nine men's love confessions in turn? Is it really incredible that I should only belong to them because of what I have done to them? From this point of view, Long Xiang's words are quite popular with me. Since it is impossible for me to leave alone and enjoy the happiness of Qi people, let God decide! "This apple is good,Silver Travertine Slabs," I said without background. Nine men are stupefied, unknown already looked at suddenly relaxed down the implied thief smile of Han Xue. I reached out and picked up an apple and threw it out casually. "Whoever gets the apple, I will be his!"

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Mu Mu Han Xue-Cloud Light Sky Blue (End)