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Lan Yin Bi Yue Full-time Job

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"Humph!" Lie Chi Feng snorted in his nostrils and said no more. Of course, he knew that it was serious to talk to Ming Er with a little effort, but with Lan Qi, how could you be relaxed and satisfied? It would be better to ask him directly. The sound of the horse's hooves grew louder, and then the coachman uttered a hurried "whew!" The carriage stopped again. Two girls, why are you in the way? The driver's question came from outside the car. As soon as Lan Qibi's eyes brightened, she stared at Lie Chifeng with full interest and lowered her voice: "It's a girl?"? Heh. Third Master Lie, have you got into some kind of romantic debt? Lie Chi Feng took a look at Lan Qi, whose eyes were glanced out from the corner of his eyes, and two very low and very short words spat out from his thin lips: "Drive away." "Did you see a tall man in black pass by just now?" A woman's question came from outside the car. Her tone was very crisp. She wanted to be a straightforward woman. How interesting Ben, don't go and see. Lan Qi got up, opened half of the door, and walked out of the carriage. He saw two black horses standing in the middle of the road. They were standing in front of the carriage. Two young women were on horseback. He looked at them and smiled. "I didn't expect that I could meet such a beautiful woman in a wild way." The two women did not expect that the car door opened and walked out of such an evil and beautiful young childe, purple jade fan elegant, even the wild road was also full of splendor, the eyes looked at themselves intently, as if they were very affectionate,Diameter tape measure, I couldn't help shaking my heart, thinking that if I could get such a pair of clear eyes like jade, it would be the ultimate happiness of life. But I don't know which woman can have a predestined partner. Such green eyes are really rare in the world. Blue eyes.. The two men were startled and stared at the man standing on the carriage, whose eyes were brighter than any Jasper in the world, the white jade fan swaying in the wind, and the evil spirit overflowing all over his body. It's him! "It's Qi Shao. Nice to meet you." The two women came to their senses. It's a great honor to meet the two beauties. Lan Qi smiled gracefully and unrestrained, and flicked his fingertips on the car door. "It's a pity to miss such a beauty. You all come and have a look. It's not inferior to the charm of autumn water." Hearing this in the car,Wheel tape measure, Yu Wenluo was the first to move. His eyes lit up. Then he pulled up his elder brother and pulled up Ning Lang. "Let's go and have a look." When he said this, he looked at Ming Er, who opened his eyes and smiled indifferently at Yu Wenluo's expectant eyes. The front of the carriage was very wide, and there was more than enough room for four or five people to stand. The driver had already jumped out of the carriage and waited. Four people out of the car door, eyes touched the two women on horseback, and then sincerely agreed that the phrase "compared to the'autumn water cross wave absolutely charming 'is not inferior.". The two women on horseback were both about seventeen or eighteen years old. One was dressed in a short red suit, very bright and beautiful, with broad features. At first glance, they knew that she was a woman with a crisp personality, while the one next to her was dressed in a light pink dress, with beautiful eyebrows and eyes, which made them naturally think of a word -- natural charm. A few days ago, fish measuring tape ,Fish measuring board, at the foot of Mengshan Mountain, I met the younger martial sister in pink clothes, who was also very beautiful. But when I saw her now, there was a difference between clouds and mud. It was like the contrast between the silk flower in the bottle and the peach planted in the sky and dew. It was her. Yu Wenluo blurted out. His voice was not too big or too small, and it was enough for everyone present to hear it clearly. The two women looked at him and were stunned. Then the woman in the light pink dress smiled slightly, like peach blossoms blooming in March. It turned out to be two brothers of the Yuwen family. The voice was soft and thin, like a trickle trickling out slowly, indescribably pleasing to the heart and lungs. Why is Fu Shu here? Yuwen's cold and proud face also showed surprise. Master Yuwen, so you're here. Next to the woman in red is very happy to see Yuwen, "Miss and I are chasing the third master, who knows it disappeared in the blink of an eye, the eldest son just saw the third master passing by?" It turned out to be a pair of master and servant, but it looked more like a pair of sisters. Are you chasing Third Master? Yuwen's eyebrows moved. "What happened?" "He.." "Rong Yue." The woman in the light pink dress glanced at the woman in red, and she stopped talking. Fu Shu, what's going on? Yu Wenqi asked. The woman in a light pink dress took one look at Yuwen and said softly, "It's not a big deal. It's just that Third Master Lie stole something from me." "What?" Yu Wenluo exclaimed, looking at the woman in the light pink dress in extreme disbelief, "did the third Master steal your things?"? How could he steal?! Believing that this was what several people present wanted to ask, the woman in red frowned and looked at her young lady with wide eyes. 'Hua Ying Fu Shu Nai Tian Zi 'is really a unique charm. Just when several people were shocked and stupefied, Lan Qi suddenly said in praise, "Ben Shao is really a feast for the eyes recently. He has seen the beauty of the horizontal waves, and now he has seen the rhyme of Fu Shu. Tut, God is really kind to Ben Shao." These two women are Hua Fushu, another great beauty in Wulin, and her maid Rong Yue. Hua Fu Shu turned her eyes to look at Lan Qi, who was extremely evil and beautiful, and then looked at Ming Er, who was like a jade immortal. For a moment, she was also very excited. She secretly gathered her mind and said with a smile, "Fu Shu can see Lan Qi and Ming Er together today. That's really a great honor." "Ah, so you are the second son of Ming." Rong Yue in red brightened her eyes and stared at Ming Er. "There are rumors in Jianghu that you are a banished immortal. I didn't know you were lying until I saw you today." "I'm a layman, and the two girls laughed at the praise of Jianghu." Ming Er hugged his fists and said with a gentle smile. If you can't be a banished immortal, there will be no other person in the world who can be a banished immortal. Rong Yue said briskly. Miss Rong Yue. Lan Qi shook his jade fan and said, "Is Ben Shao so much worse than the Second Childe?"? Can't you get the name of a God or a fairy? Rong Yue turned her eyes and stared at Lan Qi. Then she said briskly, "Qi Shao is more suitable for the title of'Bi Yao '. Similarly, there is no other person in the world who is worthy of this title." "Ha ha." Lan Qi chuckled, "Miss Rong Yue's words are really interesting, but." The jade fan covers the lips, the blue eyes flow,Surveyors tape measure, the wave light looks at Rong Yue, "If you choose one between Ben Shao and the second childe, who do you prefer?"

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Murai nodded. "Don't worry, Master Lin. I'll distract those people." Lin Feng patted the village well on the shoulder, although he has the ability to defeat these militants, but time waits for no one, Subei a person in the liaison hall do not know how the specific situation, he did not have extra time to fight these people, so only in the village well to draw these people away, he can take the opportunity to arrive at the liaison hall. On the other side, Subei's clenched fist seemed to be paralyzed and hit the enemy's head one by one. His hands were covered with blood, and he could not tell whether it was the enemy's or his own. The confrontation lasted for a long time, but there was no trace of fatigue on Subei's body. His whole body was like falling into a dream and repeating his movements mechanically. His goal was only one: to seize the liaison hall. Most of the soldiers present are carrying guns, Subei can only use the agility of the body against the opponent, so his body has appeared a lot of abrasions, Lin Feng felt when he saw such a situation, a sharp pain in his heart, he began to attack each other from behind the enemy without saying a word, each punch poured into his anger. Before the opponent could react, he punched the opponent, of course,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, only temporarily knocking the opponent unconscious. Subei was about to fall to the ground in an instant. Lin Feng hugged him to death: "Thank you, baby, you have worked hard!" Subei, who had regained his sobriety, shook his head with a smile and stood up with a strong body: "Send out the information quickly while no one dares to come now." "Good!" Lin Feng nodded firmly, took out the U disk, plugged in the computer. Lin Feng quickly operated on the computer,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, and soon 90% of the screen appeared. 80% 50% 30% 10% Stuck in the last 10%, the footsteps of the enemy followed, Lin Feng and Subei closely staring at the door. Pig head three wanton guffaw face appeared in front of two people: "Oh, looking at two so hard, I really do not have the heart to tell you the truth." As soon as Lin Feng's eyes narrowed, he suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart. "What's the use of you two working so hard? I've already sent someone to turn off the main power supply. Ha ha ha.." he said. Even if you collect evidence, what's the use! Oh, I just like the look of surprise, regret and despair you are showing now. Hum ~ who told you to dare to confront me! When the third pig said the last sentence, his whole face showed a strange ferocity. Are you too much fat on your face, so you are dazzled by squeezing? Lin Feng stood in front of Subei, glanced at the computer desktop, '4%', 304 stainless steel wire ,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, no longer worried, said: "I think you said these expressions will soon appear on your pig face!" "I tell you, Lin Feng, don't be too proud. It's useless for you to talk quickly now. You'll cry later." The computer screen showed 3%, Lin Feng smiled: "Oh, I would like to see who is crying and who is laughing in the end!" " Only then did the third pig discover that there was something wrong. Before he came, he ordered his men to cut off the main power supply. But why is it that the electrical appliances in the whole laboratory are still as usual without any damage? "Ha ha, pig head three, it seems that the effect of your work is not very good!" "You, hum, I advise you to cancel the transmission yourself, otherwise there are so many machine guns here that you can't get out alive." "Ha ha ha, do you know what the biggest joke I've ever heard in my life is?" Lin Feng stared at Zhu Tou San tightly and said, "You still want to kill me with a few broken machine guns. Please tell jokes on different occasions in the future." Lin Feng said these words are not puffed up, but because these so-called machine guns really can not help him, not to mention the years of exercise outside so that he has enough ability to subdue these soldiers with his bare hands, Lin Feng alone uses his powers to make them drink a pot. But the pig head three is looking at on the computer monitor 2%, finally was could not bear, the side head asked his men: "How to return a responsibility, that batch cuts the power lamp waste?" The soldier trembled and took out the instrument to contact those people, but the instrument was snatched by the pig head three, "You fools, how come you haven't.." "Ah.." Wow. Ah, ah.. The voice from the walkie-talkie made the pig's whole face green. It was obviously the sound of screaming. He had a bad feeling in his heart. Sure enough, after a burst of current, it seemed that the walkie-talkie had been picked up. Then a deep voice came out: "Lin Feng, it's solved here!" What Why did the people inside know that Lin Feng would be on the other end of the walkie-talkie? Who is this guy? When Lin Feng heard the voice of the blade, he smiled shallowly and said, "Very good. We're going to solve it here." "Bastard, are you looking at us?"? We are the strongest spy team in M country. "Hum, it's a quick admission now. Unfortunately, I'm afraid the strongest spy team in M country will disappear today." The display screen of the computer: 1%. Zhu Tousan couldn't wait any longer. He had to destroy the computer. He raised it to destroy the computer, but he found that his fingers could not move at all. I don't know when Lin Feng was already standing beside him, and his wrist was being firmly pinched in his hand by Lin Feng: "Ah.." Zhu Tou San couldn't help begging for mercy. His wrist seemed to be broken. Lin Feng watched Zhu Tou San's hand fall to the ground and let him fall to the ground slowly. Finally, Lin Feng said, "I said, you are no match for me at all." "Ding!" The computer screen instantly lit up, the data was sent out successfully, Lin Feng and Subei breathed a sigh of relief at the same time, but the three hearts of the pig collapsed on the ground felt a burst of despair, it's over, everything is over, it had told him that if the plan was successful,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, he would enjoy endless splendor and wealth, but if it failed, in order to save the face of M country in the international M will abandon him and he will be court-martialed.