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Frivolous of Rebirth _ End _ Pai Pai Novel Full-time Job

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"Are you blind?" That person curses, be in however when letting frivolous raise a face, be stupefied, after scold: "How be you?"? Did you come by yourself? With these words, he took a few glances around to see if there were any familiar figures. The frivolous person who had been scolded was already very angry, but when he saw the person who bumped into her, he laughed: "It's you!"! Yu Hao. Smelling the smell of wine from Ren's frivolous body, Yu Hao frowned: "That's me!"! Frivolous, have you been drinking? "A little." Ren raised his lips wildly with a smile and compared his little finger. With a sigh, Yu Hao shook his head helplessly and stretched out his hand to embrace Ren Qingkuang in his arms: "I'll send him back." Say, follow a group of people that come together in the back: "You play first, I had to go beforehand." "Go!"! Go ahead! We dare not detain you, for a moment's sleep is worth a thousand pieces of gold. The gang laughed and looked at the girl who was held in the arms of Yu Hao. Get the hell out! This is my sister. Yu Hao laughed and scolded, and then took Ren frivolous out of the revolving door. Ling Yuxuan, who took the money from the envious eyes of his colleagues, had already changed his clothes, but saw that there was no one in the place where Ren was frivolous, and hurried to catch up with him. Finally, he stopped at a place one meter away, because Ren, who he thought had something wrong, had nestled in the arms of a tall and handsome boy, whom he had just seen once. Lonely eyes down, Ling Yuxuan understand that he and Ren frivolous has never been a parallel line,mobile racking systems, and tonight, is just a small episode in each other's lives, after all, she is still the proud princess in the mouth of her former classmates. The twentieth chapter of the main text is confused. Looked at any frivolous eyes closed, a lazy face nest in the car seat, a row of small fan-like eyelashes trembling slightly, a pair of let you look casual, Yu Hao sighed heavily: "Send you back where?"? To Mo's house? Ren frivolously opened his eyelids and glanced at Yu Hao, shaking his head. The Ren family? Yu Hao asked patiently. Ren frivolous shook his head again,heavy duty metal racks, even slightly frowned, squinting at Yu Hao, his voice was as small as a cat acting like a spoiled child: "No, brother Yu Hao, you take me to a hotel!" Yu Hao glared at Ren frivolously: "Little ancestor, do you want to kill me?"? If you let Xiao Ran know that I left you alone in the hotel, you won't kill me. With a light laugh, he beeped his charming cherry lips and said, "Then you can accompany me." Please, don't hurt me, little ancestor, where do you want to go back? If you don't say it, I'll send you back to Mo's house! Yu Hao scraped his hair and sighed softly, but he had already driven the car out in the direction of the XX military compound. Ren looked at Yu Hao discontentedly. His luxurious phoenix eyes were lightly swept away. He said with displeasure, "Stop the car. If you send me back to Mo's house, I will tell Grandpa that you take me out to drink." When Yu Hao heard this, he was so frightened that he braked suddenly. "You want to kill me, warehousing storage solutions ,industrial racking systems, little ancestor," he said with a wry smile. With a light laugh, Ren showed his sharp little tiger teeth, which were very lovely: "Brother Yu Hao." Let frivolous tone of voice elongated, continuous dense, but listen to in the ears of Yu Hao is particularly frightening, only feel that their hearts are about to jump out. Don't be frivolous. Don't scare me. You can say what you want to say. My brother will do it for you if he can. Yu Hao raised his eyebrows, and his eyes were full of helplessness. It was reasonable to say that he had seen the girl twice, but somehow, he just wanted to love the girl, or that Miss Ren was born with the desire to be spoiled. I just don't want to go back. Neither the Mo family nor the Ren family want to go back. Let the frivolous whisper, she also knows that she is self-willed, should not be with a very strange person in this temper, but she can not control, as long as she drinks a little wine, her emotions always stand above reason, want to be reckless. Shall I accompany you to see the stars? Yu Hao also did not know how, unexpectedly said such a sentence, the words export, he would like to bite off the tip of his tongue. Sure enough, let the frivolous listen to this stunned, look at the stars? When he was acting in a love movie, he looked at Yu Hao with a black line on his face. Forget it. Forget it. Hey, hey. "Yu Hao waved his hand, but also a look of regret, and even a red tide on his face.". Let the frivolous burst out laughing, some exaggerated cover of the stomach, pointing to the royal Hao way: "You are so cute." Yu Hao, who had already felt ashamed, blushed even more. Don't look away. Yu Hao said rudely, "Don't laugh. I'm angry when I laugh." It's true that he was so old that he was molested by a little girl to let people know whether he wanted to live or not. I won't laugh. Don't be angry! Ren frivolous shook his head, a promise not to smile, and even raised a clever smile, but Ren frivolous that is not know the thoughts of the Royal Hao, if she knew that the Royal Hao actually used the word flirt to her reaction, she certainly would not show such a clever smile. Yu Hao looked back at Ren frivolous, saw that she really did not smile, the discomfort in her heart slowly dissipated, I do not know why, in the face of Ren frivolous eyes, he would be a little shy, the beautiful phoenix eyes flashing brilliance is not a little girl should have the brilliance, but a very penetrating look, look for a long time. It gives birth to a feeling that people can drown in it. Yu Hao thought, he should be ill, otherwise how could he give birth to such a ridiculous idea. Brother Yu Hao? Seeing Yu Hao staring at himself all the time, Ren felt very strange about being frivolous and could not help calling out softly. Yu Hao shook his head and smiled. "I'll take you home." He thought, he needs to calm down now, maybe the space of this car is too narrow, so it will make him have a strange psychology. Let frivolous unconscious toot toot red lips: "No, or you take me to play!" " Yu Hao smiled, half squinting his eyes, and his voice had a very dangerous magnetism: "It's very dangerous to play with me." Let the frivolous hum laugh,shuttle rack system, light eyes squint at Yu Hao, frighten her? Without looking at who she was, she already knew about the tricks they were playing.

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Do you think ,because im poor, obscure, plain, and little, im soulless and heartless? you think wrong!i have as much soul as youand full as much heart! and if god had gifted me with some beauty and much wealth, i should have made it as hard for you to leave me , as it is now for me to leave you. i am not talking to you now through the medium of custom, conventionalities, nor even of mortal flesh : it is my spirit that addresses your spirit; just as of both had passed through the grave, and we stood at gods feet, epualas we are! This is Wu Fei's favorite dialogue when she was in college. Although its author lived in England in the middle of the 19th century, it did not prevent Chinese women like Wu Fei, who were born in the 1970s, from taking this passage as their ideal declaration of female love. Previously, Wu Fei even regretted that her love with Yang Xiaoning was too smooth when they got along with each other, which made the dialogue of Boza useless for many years. Unexpectedly, in a completely unexpected situation, after many years,ceramic bobbin element, he finally recited it to a strange young policeman. If Miss Bronte has a soul in heaven, she should also be moved by the fact that she has such loyal foreign fans. The cadence of Wu Fei's back was sincere, and all the people present, no matter how much they understood, were also very moved. After she finished reciting, six men, two policemen and Mo Xilun,alumina c799, and three migrant workers who had finished their work and were catching up with the ready-made excitement, applauded her warmly and sincerely. The little policeman who made the request first turned around and dispersed the migrant workers, and then said to Wu Fei with a red face, "Or you can teach me to recite a paragraph, which is very classic, very good and very deep. It's best to use it on any occasion, so that the girl will feel that I have a special connotation when she hears it!" Wu Fei thought about it seriously and said, "Then give you a Shakespeare." The little policeman was diligent and eager to learn, and even sighed at Wu Fei when he left, repeating the words "to be, or not to be: that is the question." After the police left, Mo Xilun and Wu Fei returned to the car, and both of them calmed down. Only then did Wu Fei remind Lao Mo that the front zipper of his trousers had not been zipped up just now. Then he turned his head out of the window and waited for Lao Mo to finish the zipper. Wu Fei looked back at him and wondered whether he was asking himself or Lao Mo: "so, 10g Ozone Generator ,7g Ozone Generator, boss, to be or not to be?" Then he laughed. Lao Mo didn't laugh, the atmosphere was a little awkward, and when Wu Fei stopped laughing and was silent for a long time, Lao Mo suddenly looked down at his watch and said, "Bad Meimei is going to finish class!" His face became anxious and he tried to ask Wu Fei, "Why don't you take a taxi home today?" Wu Fei flatly refused with a cold face: "No!" Old Mo also did not argue again, busy to send Wu Fei home, along the way even ran a few red lights, two people did not say anything again. "Gossip Years" 10 Novel txt Paradise On weekends, Mo Xilun's arrangements are usually fixed, accompanying his daughter shopping, accompanying his wife to church, and continuing to play a good family man with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness and beauty. Of course, these advantages have nothing to do with Wu Fei. Because of her self-esteem, Wu Fei never inquired about Lao Mo's whereabouts and never made any requests to him on weekends. But this weekend, after being checked by the police for the first time in her life, Wu Fei's mood was quite confused. Only then did she suddenly realize that she was trapped in a question and that Wu Fei needed to find someone to tell her the answer. In this way, Wu Fei suddenly found herself in a rather miserable situation, because her emotional problems seemed to be unable to easily find someone to talk to. Thought for a long time, and finally can only make a phone call to the model. Unfortunately, he had just joined the cast of a costume film at that time. He was not used to the ancient costume films, so he was depressed and had a topsy-turvy life. When he received a phone call from Wu Fei, he did not show his usual enthusiasm. The two men, separated by eight thousand miles of clouds and the moon, managed to make an overseas phone call, and then talked to each other perfunctorily about some irrelevant gossip. So the whole weekend Wu Fei was out of her mind, carefully recalling this relationship with Lao Mo, her mood rose and fell, and in the evening she suddenly became a force of literary creation, lying on the bed and writing a poem of four unlikenesses. When she finished writing the poem, Wu Fei suddenly felt happier and looked forward to spending the weekend quickly so that she could share the pleasure with Lao Mo. On Monday, at noon, the two of them sneaked into the parking lot as usual while their colleagues were going to lunch. As soon as they got into the car, Wu Fei showed her poems to Lao Mo like a treasure, waiting for Lao Mo to praise them. Who would have thought that Lao Mo did not get the point at all. He only glanced at it and said, "Oh, good." He threw it aside, and the man came up and mumbled, and the poem was crushed. As soon as Wu Fei looked,Kamado bbq grill, suddenly did not know where to come out the resentment, pushed away Mo Xilun to shout: "In addition to mating, can't there be anything else between us?!"