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City God King Nurture System _ 20200215155546. Full-time Job

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The emperor's reputation gradually rose, and Meng Lei and Cang Longmen over there also benefited, taking the simplest thing to say. Old Shen's son, Shen Gensheng, is already 18 years old this year. This is a beautiful age on earth, but in this world, it is already a big problem. In this world, marriage can be a little later, but very few people get married until they are 16 years old. Generally speaking, a good girl will be engaged at the age of fourteen, and then get married at the age of fifteen or sixteen. Shen Gensheng, who is now 18 years old, is obviously an older youth, and now his situation is quite special. Originally, Shen San was about to break his leg a few years ago. He wanted his son to marry a daughter-in-law. But after hearing that Shen Gensheng was a handyman in Canglongmen, the woman did not give Shen San a good face. The only one she was willing to do was a widow. But how could Shen San agree? So slowly the matter of Shen Gensheng was delayed. As she got older and older, the daughter-in-law became more and more difficult to say. But as Canglongmen was made rich by Zhou Ling, the number of people who came to propose marriage suddenly increased, and even some wealthy businessmen came to propose marriage. The daughter of the rich family was also willing to marry Shen Gensheng. And people said, money gifts and so on are all free, as long as you can stay in Canglongmen, it is also to touch the immortal spirit. This made Shen San feel that he was dreaming these days, and he was almost dazzled by the girls he picked. In the end, he and his wife chose a man from a small rich family. This guy used to have a little friendship with Shen San. When Canglongmen was down and out, he had helped Shen Sanyi's family. Although he had no money, he was also a good man. He once had the idea to marry his daughter to Shen Gensheng, but his wife did not agree, but now after this incident, his wife almost half sold and half sent her daughter to the past, and Shen Gensheng was also very satisfied with the wife, so the two families set the marriage, Shen Gensheng's problems were solved,side impact door beams, not to mention Meng Lei's problems. So Meng Lei was very happy recently, and their faces were like gold when they went out. But at the same time, Meng Lei, the master, had some worries. He was worried about the problems of his own school. He had seen the drawing given by Zhou Ling. He also understood that Canglongmen would definitely develop into a big school in the future, at least a four-level school, but now the biggest problem is that there are not enough disciples. There are only three practitioners in Canglongmen. This is really not enough to see, so he wanted to recruit disciples, but did not dare to recruit themselves, so he remembered Zhou Ling said something to find his message method, today just let Zhou Ling see. And after Zhou Ling found Meng Lei,aluminium coated steel tube, after listening to Meng Lei's words, Zhou Ling also understood the meaning of the other side, want to expand the school, it must find some disciples, this is a good thing ah. Then Zhou Ling decided to let Meng Lei find, but there is a requirement, that is, when the formal entry, Zhou Ling needs to look at. Meng Lei can't tell the good guys from the bad guys yet, but the red dots on Zhou Ling's map can be clearly distinguished. Those with red dots are not allowed to enter the law, while those with other dots are allowed, and the most important thing is that he should believe in Zhou Ling. Before the distribution of grain, Zhou Ling and Meng Lei initially finalized the recruitment criteria. They only recruited potential stocks between the ages of seven and thirteen, and also recruited some handymen between the ages of 18 and 25. Then, after eliminating others, the rest were screened by Zhou Ling, even if they officially entered the outer door of Canglongmen. After finalizing the preliminary idea, Zhou Ling used paper to inform Liu Wentao and Qian Yu in Canglongmen. Knowing that Canglongmen was going to expand, the two men were also very happy. After all, they had been apprentices before, and now they could finally be masters. Then is to send food, after the end of the food, stainless steel tube 304 ,Cold Drawn Tubes, Qian Yu, Liu Wentao and Meng Lei said, received the emperor's instructions, from today on, recruit Canglongmen outside disciples and handymen, who are interested, can come to sign up. The news shocked the refugees and townspeople, and then more than n people came to sign up. But soon was screened out a large part, the rest is to get together to test, this time is longer, Zhou Ling decided to say tomorrow, in the evening to give three guys some screening methods. In fact, the selection of disciples is very simple, just to see if he has a spiritual root, Zhou Ling does not know what is called a spiritual root, but in this world, there is indeed the existence of this thing, spiritual roots, also known as the root of cultivation, spiritual roots are divided into metal, wood, water, fire, earth, dark, wind, light, thunder nine kinds. It just corresponds to the nine elements in the world, which are the same as the attributes of monsters. Each spiritual root has its own practice method. A single spiritual root is the best, so it is the easiest to become a great thing. For example, a single fire spiritual root, the speed of practicing fire method will be very fast. And if it is a double spiritual root, you can choose double cultivation or single cultivation, double cultivation is to practice two kinds of spiritual roots, single cultivation is to practice one kind, double cultivation, basically even building a foundation is very difficult, and single cultivation, the speed is much worse than a single spiritual root, the speed difference is at least about 30%, and in this continent, double spiritual roots, basically can also be regarded as genius. Most people have five spirit roots, six spirit roots, and four spirit roots have the initial aptitude to cultivate immortals. According to Meng Lei's words, he and his two younger brothers, Meng Lei is a double spirit root, wind and fire double system, and his two younger brothers are three spirit roots, Qian Yu is wind, fire, thunder, so the temper is more violent, Liu Wentao is wind, water, dark, so the character is more soft and low-key, the reason why all their spirit roots now have a wind attribute, that is because Canglongmen now. There is only one method of cultivation, a method of wind attribute, which is called Tibetan Wind Decision. As soon as I heard it, I knew it was not a good thing. It was similar to Zhou Ling's Wind Breaking Fist. And look at the aptitude of the spirit root, there is a way, there is a kind of amulet, called the spirit root amulet, pasted on the person's body, if the amulet is bright, it represents the spirit root, what color the amulet becomes is what attribute of the soul root,precision welded tubes, more than four attributes can be recruited. This thing is just a level 0 amulet, which is the same level as the giant amulet, and it is not valuable.

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