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Childe Wei at the end of the Han Dynasty Full-time Job

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"General.." Alas! Giffin slightly one Leng, but is not seen Zhang embroidery was faint with the superior bearing, can not help but stunned for a long time, although fleeting, heart but again a bit of worry, "I had let the general from south to north of the city and conflict, break the camp and kill more soldiers, general why bother to abandon?"? Liao is hughs confidant, has been killed, hughs will not be willing to give up, close to the army. Chestnut city is small, and military forces are not many, how to block. The general is confused! Zhang embroidered suddenly smell giffin, eyes slightly restored a few minutes Pure Brightness, but from hard way, "hughs army besieged Feng Yi, how to have the army to take chestnut city?"? What's more, Liao Hua is Yang Feng's right-hand man, and now if you take off one of his arms first, it will damage his vitality! Giffin helpless, a pat on the forehead, "it is my fault, my fault!" After thinking about it, the giffin is the body, awestruck way, "I don't want to give up Liao Hua not to take, it is now not over him.". If break its thousand people, Liao Hua can retreat, if break its five thousand, Liao Hua will cry for help, this disappear and that grow, can protect Feng Yi not. But Liao is hughs confidant will, conquering for many years, now die in the first world war, don't mention hughs is angry eager to revenge, our army so victory,Inflatable bouncer, and how not lead hughs fear? "What's more, our army pinched hughs army back, Liao died, hughs must lead the army, eager to in a few days, to destroy our army.." Giffin eyebrows float a trace of dignity, "the delicate balance has been broken." If Yang Fengruo lightly to the army, will be no less than thirty thousand! Even Will force Yang Feng to make up his mind to abandon Chang'an and Ping Weibei. Zhang embroidery is not an elm pimple, with the giffin's words, also can not help but some chagrin, this just restore the respectful appearance in the past, whispered,inflatable castle with slide, "I am reckless.." Now that it is so, what do you think, sir? "Abandon Chestnut City." Go south, break Chongquan Gaoling, and return to Feng Yi! Giffin slightly hesitated, immediately sink a track. Return to Feng Yi!? Zhang embroidered a mouth, but see giffin a face steady, guilty in the heart, can only nod. As expected, the giffin in Li Yi routed soldiers fled back, the news of the death of Liao Hua Bing defeat like a thunderbolt, only the explosion of hughs head buzzing. For six years, Liao Hua since Yang Zhai's surrender, loyal, often led the army war, are loyal to their duties, without the slightest carelessness. Especially in Yang Fengcai Bing soon, such a trustworthy and high seniority of the general, it is not a loss. Huey did not have the mind of the hero, smell the return, almost angry. Even if the table, since the drink department twenty thousand armored guards, with ten thousand don't a total of thirty thousand troops, momentum surging to the chestnut city to kill. In fact, Liao Hua was defeated and died, Inflatable indoor park ,inflatable water slide, which also shocked Chen Gong. The collapse of ten thousand troops, no doubt in his chest beat out a loud alarm bell, especially to his consternation, fear is, chestnut city five thousand troops, is to take advantage of this night attack, almost won the victory. But at this time, Zhang Xiu's self-assertion made Chen Gong's unusual coincidence once again, which induced Chen Gong's thinking. That is, the other side is determined to sit trapped Li Yi to die. Liao Hua's life and death, for Chen Gong, a new member of Yang Feng Group, did not receive much emotional stimulation. Instead, he was very angry at the defeat of the ten thousand troops. Yang Fengqin led the army eastward to suppress the rebellion, Chen Gong did not obstruct, but was confident to take over the soldier trapped Feng Yi's responsibility. Twenty thousand. That's enough. On the contrary, to some extent, it is more to his liking. Will Li Yi was broken news, secretly into Feng Yi, secretly to Changan, then hughs army dispatch must also can't hide munford, hide cattle auxiliary. Instead, because there is an army of chestnut city, perhaps more able to weaken munford's suspicion, so to half and over, but more able to success! He just needs to make some arrangements, these two people. Can be broken in the hands! Chestnut palm town, hughs elite, to break it, not difficult. In fact, hughs leave, or can be said, in the palace of a facilitated, but became a real ambush in the dark! And this trap, no doubt is Feng Yi at the gates. And in the end, which fish, first into the net? Or Zhang Ji, or Niu Fu? Chen Gong in the panic to fill the prison, he thought over and over again, feel that there is not much flaw. But do not know, perhaps into the net, but another fisherman hidden in the dark? And the fisherman may have a pair of scissors that can easily tear open the fishing net. Volume II Yellow Turban Chaos Chapter 226 Poison Sishui shut, since and Hedong army broke through the xiongguan, sun chien Wei name at that time, eighteen way governors, the real words were yuan Shaole ordered the siege of tiger fastened shut, the remaining seven town governors also dare not take the power without authorization, in the name of the tiger, ordinary people which can slap. Although there is disobedience, but after all, no one can have objection, the water pass seven town governors nominally temporary commander in chief is also none other than him. As an army commander in chief, fame has risen, but the burden on his shoulders is also not small. For more than half a month, sun chien worry about war, often personally supervise the front, Rao is Dong Zhuo storm, in the face of Sishuiguan such a XiongGuan, in the face of sun chien the head of the ferocious tiger, after all can only fail. Time to turn away, a Feng Yilai eight hundred miles fast horse urgent book, but is really stirred up the army of Dong Zhuo moderate ripples. Without him, hughs at the instigation of Wei Ning, is almost the enemy of Dong Zhuo, and this time, apparently, even the last turn of the world is not left. If Wei Ning can be in the field, I'm afraid it will be a surprise. Sishuiguan outside, that Dong Zhuo in the army tent, from Dong Zhuo down to the school, no one because of the announcement and dejected, especially Dong zhuoyan ferocious, clap your hands and laugh, "ha ha ha!"! Wei Ning Pifu, Yang Feng little thief! Ben Xiang, wait for you for a long time! Marotta twirled his beard slightly,Inflatable mechanical bull, eyes after all with a cold smile, "Yang Feng really led soldiers south, to seize the Guanzhong.". So The master's emissary must have crossed the Hetao soon.

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