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The four corners of the cover were already white, and it was obvious that she often read it. Somehow, when she knew that she was like herself and often played with letters, Yan Zhui's nervous heart fell back to its original place. He couldn't help laughing out loud and took the letter in his hand first, stretching out his arm and motioning her to lean in his arms. To such a point, Fu Minghua is some regret is also late, she obediently climbed into the arms of Yan Zhui, endure the impulse to snatch the letter back, see him did not open the letter in a hurry for the first time, just relieved. yuan Niang knew that when I wrote the letter, I had thought over and over for a long time. He lowered his head and looked at Fu Minghua. The veil in front of the bed did not fall down, the lamp did not go out, and his face was very handsome in the light. He seriously told her about the anxiety when writing a letter and the entanglement before sending it. Like her, he had some worries in his heart. Worried that a piece of mind was not understood by her, worried about how she would respond. Before writing the letter, he had really thought about it for a long time. Sometimes what he wanted would always pay the price of equal weight. He had really thought about it carefully, not just to coax her. Fu Minghua was originally full of panic and regret, listening to him, he felt a little calmer in his heart. He lowered his head and touched the top of her head with his forehead before he opened the letter. Yan Zhui was almost a little eager to pull out the piece, after shaking it out, he had no time to look at the previous pages, and after a brief search, he recognized the one he wanted to see, and then pulled it out. His manner was earnest and almost pious, and at the end of the letter he wrote: One flower, one leaf, one world … She had some beautiful silk writing on the back: monogamy. Yan Zhui grinned at the corners of his mouth. The answer he wanted was a little late, but he got it after all. yuan Niang. He held the letter in his hand and read it again and again, but he still felt that he could not get enough of it. Fu Minghua's words are very similar to her people. They are both beautiful and intelligent, which makes him like them more and more. yuan Niang. He called again, and Fu Minghua answered softly: "Yes." "yuan Niang, yuan Niang, yuan Niang." He kept calling,small geared motors, and Fu Minghua was infected by him and imitated him: "Sanlang, Sanlang, Sanlang." He kissed her heavily where she had written on the letter, read it for a while, folded it up, carefully put it back in the envelope, and then asked her, "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Yan Zhui refers to the word she filled in, it seems that she did not fill in today, to make this decision, from the worn envelope, she is not a whim, but seriously thought about it. Chapter 339 make amends. Yan Zhui suddenly felt very happy, the long-awaited fruit with the sweet after ripening, that kind of pleasure is really indescribable. Her discretion coincided with his, and gave him a sense of satisfaction that they were so connected. Such a thing was not a very rash decision for her, Low Rpm Electric Motor ,12v High Torque Motor, and it reminded him of his original decision. Fu Minghua did not answer his words. Yan Zhui bowed his head and kissed her face again. He asked, "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" His head bit by bit, rubbing against her cheeks, ears, neck, itching and crisp, she smiled and reached out to block his face, while pretending to be stupid: "Sanlang did not ask." Yan Zhui kissed her one mouthful at a time, and her movements gradually warmed up. The 26th is the time to offer sacrifices to the Imperial Ancestral Temple. The sacrifice of the Imperial Ancestral Temple is also exquisite. The princes offer sacrifices to five temples, while the emperors offer sacrifices to seven temples. Three years one, five years one. This year is exactly the turn of three years, and the sacrifice is particularly grand. Sacrifice is to offer sacrifices to ancestors and enjoy the Imperial Ancestral Temple, accompanied by the meritorious officials and celebrities beside Taizu. Sacrifice is much more complicated, besides offering sacrifices to ancestors, it is also necessary to offer sacrifices to gods. Fu Minghua bathed and changed clothes one day in advance, and the next day he and Yan Chui entered the palace before dawn. Cui Guifei in the palace could not sleep tonight, and when she saw Fu Minghua coming, she was somewhat delighted. Hurriedly asked her: "Did you ever use anything?" Seeing Fu Minghua shaking his head, he hurried to send some simple food up. Fu Minghua took one look at Cui Guifei and said: "You seem to have lost some weight." A word made Cui Guifei's tears flow out. Before she could speak, Jinggu snorted, "That one is so rampant and pressing forward.". ” The imperial concubine Rong in the palace was favored and insufferably arrogant. Yanzhui outside the palace has also been frequently calculated recently. Before the matter of weapons has not yet finished, but because of the recent end of the year, everything is complicated, Jia An Emperor did not ask to manage it. Cui Guifei worries about her son, and if she wants to swallow her pride, she will inevitably lose some weight. yuan Niang, there is something wrong with the Taiyuan Ordnance Department. Is there any way to save it? She took Fu Minghua's hand and asked, and when she mentioned it, she was worried. Fu Minghua shook her hand and comforted her, saying, "Don't worry. Wang Ye has caught yuan Guang and has asked him for some information." She comforted Cui Guifei, and sure enough, as soon as the voice fell, Cui Guifei looked loose, as if a big stone in her heart had fallen to the ground. Now the Rong family is very powerful, and the emperor trusts Rong Tuying very much. There was a flash of cold light in Concubine Cui's eyes, and when she spoke, she could not help but have the intention to kill her: "In the spring of the ninth day of the second month of the next year, the emperor in the Ministry of Rites originally intended to make Xu Shao, the assistant minister, personally serve as the chief examiner. But Rong Tuying intended to make another Jiang Yin serve as the chief examiner in the Ministry of Rites. Who doesn't know that Jiang Yin is his man?" Cui Guifei sneers: "I heard that this year, several students have submitted papers to him, and the Rong family is also collecting students." Said, Cui Guifei then rubbed the temple, now such a situation, so that she is very difficult to calm down, her face showed a bit of irritability. Before the death of Rong Sanniang, unexpectedly also failed to remove Rong Tuying, in order to leave such a disaster. Cui Guifei also felt some regret in her heart. At the beginning in order to lead when Rong Sanniang, to suppress Rong Fei, which know now Rong Tuying step by step, gradually gained power, has become a disaster? Now Rong Sanniang is dead,Micro Gear Motor, but let Rong Tuying into the official, let Rong Fei like a tiger with wings added. Fu Minghua's eyes flashed, and in his heart he remembered the attitude of Yan Chui.

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