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A piece of candy.-Crazy. Full-time Job

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Spray, but slowly seep, back up and go downstairs, while crazy like to say: "What are you doing, give me your hand!" Raise it a little higher, higher than your head. You are so ignorant. You are such a pig. Do you want to worry me to death? You can't cook. Don't do it, don't die. Fortunately, five minutes away there is a dressing clinic, Li Yuner felt that it was not very painful, but very spicy. She's from I didn't hear Jiang Xifan say so much at one time, so I cried on his back. How much my boyfriend cares about me, he And a teacher, and so handsome. The injured middle finger was raised high above his head, like saying "***" to the whole world. Li Yuner is left-handed, so his right hand was injured. Jiang Xifan said that left-handed people are smarter than ordinary people. What kind of person can become an artist. But I just want to be your girlfriend. Li Yuner raised his middle finger and swung around the room like a swing. Ordinary people will be dizzy, but Jiang Xifan is not an ordinary person. I think of you as my wife. Jiang Xifan dragged her to sit beside him, "I will never do this all my life." It will be boring. Li Yuner wants to be dizzy, "wife" these two words are quite earthy. Does it still hurt? Will you eat fried meat with green pepper in the future? Jiang Xifan took his middle finger and could smell a medicinal gas. Even after two days, the blood still seemed to smell fishy. Bastard! Of course, the pain was burning, and I didn't dare to go home, for fear that my parents would feel distressed when they saw it, and that Tashi would smell it. The smell is crazy. What if I eat it? Li Yuner simply lay across, his head resting on Jiang Xifan's legs, and there was a sofa. It's good. Your dog? Jiang Xifan is very afraid of dogs, and most people who are afraid of dogs have been bitten by dogs. Yes,juice filling machine, but don't be afraid. It has spirit. If you play well with me, it won't bite you. Tashi is a good boy. "Then you have to go to your house when your hands are ready.". Are your hands still hot? Jiang Xifan stroked Li Yuner's nose. Li Yuner turned his head. "Oh, don't mess with my nose. Don't you see a pimple on it?" "Cloud," said Jiang Xifan, "I find you look like Winnie the Pooh." "Why?" "Because of the pimples on my nose." Jiang Xifan smirked. Li Yuner turned up and poked his armpit. Jiang Xifan fled to the other end of the sofa and pounced on an empty Li Yuner. Suddenly, he felt that he had to catch him, and his center of gravity was unstable. He fell to the ground, holding his middle finger, and screamed. Jiang Xifan immediately came over to help him up. Li Yuner raised the middle finger of his right hand with a smile and said, "It's this hand." Where is it? You love me,water bottling line, I love you, so beautiful, so beautiful that people can not bear to recall. At this time, Fang Fenfen calmly waited for the upcoming wedding date. When Jiang Xiwen is at home, he talks with him, and when he is not at home, he talks with him. I have been in a daze in my room, writing diaries and watching TV, and I don't like to go downstairs except for eating. During the meal, Bai Jie also picked up food for her. When Jiang Dingsheng came back, he smiled at Fen Fen and said, "Today is the next day." When the Biya Garden was completed at noon, everyone in the family went out to cut the ribbon. Xiwen was waiting for you there. Jiang Dingsheng knew her origin, his son unexpectedly and the rural woman on the construction site together, said quite. It's like the plot in the novel, but it can't be denied. It's true. Bai Jie glanced at her. "Let's go together. It's so boring at home all day. The servants are going today." "I'm not feeling well. I'm sorry." Fang Fenfen bowed her head. I know she won't go, but I still want to ask. Miss the days on the construction site, get up every morning to buy vegetables, CSD filling line ,water filling machine, pick vegetables, wash vegetables, cook vegetables; those workers at noon Friends beat bowls and chopsticks like hungry wolves, no matter how much salt or how little salt is delicious. In the evening, he played cards with Fei Qinglong. I watched, sewed and mended sweaters, watched TV dramas, and occasionally went shopping. Although he Dead, but living in my heart, living in my heart, still can't compare with living in reality. Most of the time, When I don't know myself, people have left; it's good to leave, but you are dead. Those fragments of memories, put together is the grinding wheel, grinding my hard heart, bleeding, bleeding. Crying all the way, want to turn back and dare not turn back, afraid to meet the past, afraid to meet you in the past, afraid of meeting the past You. Go to hell. Jiang Dingsheng patted Bai Jie on the face, "you change clothes first, she is uncomfortable, don't let her go, rest at home." OK Fang Fenfen looked at Jiang Dingsheng gratefully. We are always moved by the understanding of others. Bai Jie shook her head and said to the servant, "Help me take off the pale yellow ARMANI suit.". Fenfen, you are at home I'll ask Lao Hu to pick you up for dinner in the evening. Fang Fenfen nodded, in fact, Bai Jie could not find anything wrong with her, when she first came, she was a little earthy, and later. If you know your soil, you will not speak. People hate it, but people can't hate it, but they can't like it. Then, Bai Jie always loses sleep in the evening sigh, Jiang Dingsheng can comfort only: "Everybody has the destiny of everybody, year." Ji is so old, but he still cares so much. "But Xiwen and Xifan are my sons, and I always want to find a better girl for them." Bai Jie turns over Go to sleep. Fang Fenfen looked at the empty house, the empty yard, and suddenly felt free to speak again. Sound. Because Biya Garden was completed today, a large number of reporters and citizens were watching, and Fatty Gao took the security guards to the scene. Yes, except for one who opens the door at the gate. Sitting on the balcony and writing a diary is also quite poetic. When it is too quiet, people have the impulse to scream loudly. Fang Fenfen screamed. When Liu Siyuan appeared, he was as light as a ghost. He patted Fang Fenfen on the back. Fang Fenfen felt Dizzy, the screams did not reach the gate, the head fell to the ground, a slight sound of broken bones. Fang Fenfen. Liu Siyuan smiled, "Deng Yiming's family is doomed to die in my hands.". Live Serves you right. My Kunjian can be happy again. A lot of things in the world, not fate, just coincidence. Liu Siyuan did not think that it was Fang Fen who was killed by the buyer. Fern, and everything is arranged, the tools, the way to kill and the time,Vegetable oil filling machine, no need to think. The electric drill was in the tool box in the basement, and it was soon found, as well as gloves and ropes. Fang Fenfen feels someone.

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