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A gift from heaven Full-time Job

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After saying this, Xie Jiu's face changed slightly. It was obvious that he had realized that things were not so simple at this time. Xie Shu, who was beside him, opened his mouth at the right time and said, "I was about to tell my grandfather that an old steward who left me last month died outside the city early this morning. He said.." He accidentally fell down and died. "What a coincidence!"! What a day of mourning today, when so many people died? Wang Hanzhi curled his lips and seemed to be disdainful. "Take some insignificant people first?" Chapter 842 kneeling. Of course it's not a coincidence. Your Majesty did it. The appearance of covering up is very clumsy, a look is first strangled and then disguised, in order to let me know that she did it. Cui yuandao said and sat down beside him, "Your Majesty's hand is faster and more ruthless than I imagined!" Those who died this time were some "unimportant" people who were related to them in the eyes of Your Majesty, and the meaning of deliberately sending them to them was very obvious: that was to tell them that those who died this time were "unimportant" people, and that next time they might be some important people, such as Cui Jing, Wang Xu, and Third Master Xie, who were far away in Jinan! "The little girl has a bad temper." One of Wang Han pounded the table, and the fire in his eyes burst, which was completely enraged. Old Master Hsieh's face was not very good either. Then, as if he had thought of something, he opened his mouth and said, "Wang Hanzhi,pallet rack shelving, you'd better take it easy and take care of yourself. In a few days you'll still be angry to suffer." As he spoke, Old Master Hsieh took out a piece of letter paper from his bosom and patted it at his hand. His expression was somewhat thought-provoking. He wanted to laugh, but he couldn't. "Your Majesty wants to hold a banquet in the palace in a few days to entertain all the old ministers. It's an auspicious day set by the Department of Yin and Yang. During the banquet, he also wants the Department of Yin and Yang to set a nine-tripod sacrifice. Let me and other old ministers perform the nine-tripod ceremony for her." Of course, things related to the Department of Yin and Yang have to be traced back to the source. The nine tripods are the tripods written by the king of Daxia, Yu, who controlled the flood, with the tribute gold of the nine herdsmen in the world after the founding of the Dynasty. The inheritance has long been lost,industrial racking systems, but the meaning of the nine tripods is that there is an ancient inheritance. Sacrifice to the Nine Tripods is a ritual set by the Department of Yin and Yang, which is presided over by a heavenly teacher who is good at witchcraft, praying for peace and good weather. This is your majesty's business, but the trouble is the trouble in the nine tripod ceremony, this is not a person to complete, this is to the important ministers of the country to participate in it, kneel down for nine hours to complete the sorcery ceremony, because of the huge trouble, usually this nine tripod sacrifice will only be carried out when the national event occurs, such as drought, flood, earthquake and other natural disasters, in order to pray for wind and rain to calm the people's anger will do so. It was clear that it was not yet time to offer sacrifices to the nine tripods, but she insisted that I kneel down for her. Where is this to pray for the people of the world? Clearly, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,asrs warehouse, in order to exclude dissidents, I want to kneel down for her country! Wang Hanzhi sneered, "kneel down for all the people in the world, but she wants me to kneel down for her. It's really good!" "Just ask you if you kneel!" Xie Jiu patted the table at his hand again and rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Li has not had such a tough king for several generations." "Having been trampled on for three years in southern Xinjiang, once you become a superior person, you will naturally value dignity more than anything else!"! Where does the dignity of the Son of Heaven come from? Doesn't it come from the power in hand? She wants to really stand high above the masses, speak eloquently, control life and death, and be the emperor! Wang Hanzhi simply sat down, "the head fell but a big scar, this time absolutely can not kneel!" "You can't kneel!" Cui yuandao nodded, "I can't stand up if I kneel.". Therefore, I wait for the means to be a little more moderate! "It's no use." Wang Hanzhi glanced at him and said, "Do you think Guo Taishi came up with the idea of the Nine Tripods Sacrifice?"? She can threaten us with the lives of Wang Xu, Cui Jing, and the third brother of the Xie family because she knows we can't afford to gamble; but whose lives can we threaten her with? Guo Taishi? Wang Hanzhi gave a sneer. "I heard that Guo Taishi hasn't seen your majesty for several days. Guo Taishi or the empress, she did a good job of being a loner.". It's no use threatening her with anyone's life. From this point of view, she has almost no weakness, so think about it. It's really terrible! "It's not without weaknesses." Cui yuandao Wen Yan is thoughtful, silent for a moment but then shook his head, now is not the time, Pei Xingting will not take out. For one thing, Pei Xingting took that weakness to warn your majesty, but not to solve the trouble for their people, now is not the time; for another, the situation of the Huns is not stable now, he took it out early, I'm afraid I didn't call Li Li lost his life, then it's not worth it, it's more trouble. Weakness is not the old man do not know, "Wang Hanzhi gas extremely anti-laugh, angry straight on the table," but the Yin and Yang division this group of people soft can not stand up? Is it easy to agree to such a thing as the Nine Tripods Sacrifice? Take out the nine tripods at this time, and when you really need it, I'll see what the Yin and Yang Department will exchange for it! The Great Witch Sacrifice needs three years of recuperation. After a nine tripod sacrifice, you can't use it for the second time in three years. Who can guarantee that the country of Chu will be prosperous and the people will be peaceful in three years? "Hasn't Li Xiuyuan been soft since he became the Great Heavenly Master?" Xie Jiu shook his head and his tone was full of sarcasm. "What did Your Majesty say that he dared to disobey?" Perhaps there are powerful monarchs who will not make mistakes even if they are in power, but that is a minority after all. Man is not a sage who can have no fault, the son of heaven is also a person, naturally can not guarantee no fault. So the imperial power in their view is a terrible thing, but in the eyes of the son of heaven, there is no absolute imperial power of the son of heaven that is called what son? This is the contest between monarch and minister, power and power. The aristocratic family has lived for eight hundred years, and what they have done behind their backs is much more than what people see on the surface! The contest between power and power is a matter between them and Your Majesty, but the matter of the Nine Tripods Sacrifice is a matter of the Yin and Yang Division. In such a matter as the Great Sacrifice of Xingguo, a Great Heavenly Master of the Department of Yin and Yang can also agree casually, which is really ridiculous! "In the final analysis,automated warehouse systems, the Yin and Yang Division lacks a hard bone." Cui yuandao was silent for a moment and said, "Your Majesty lacks a hard bone who can't touch his life at will but can speak out and satirize." "Yo!" When Wang Hanzhi heard this, he looked at him. "It's rare!"

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Long Yunxin could not rest assured and took to the street, calling her husband's name loudly in the crowded crowd. The front suddenly set off a hot air wave, a group of thick black smoke transpiration and rise! Accompanied by a heart-rending cry, Long Yunxin heard the scream of the spar bomb tearing the air, which was the last sound she heard in this game. Ah Long Yunxin suddenly woke up from the game, I do not know when to break away from the mentality of the bystander, completely into it. As if she had just escaped from a nightmare, she gasped for nearly a minute before her heart gradually calmed down. However, filtering the details of this ordinary life one by one, her breathing became rapid again. Because she found that this was not exactly the story of the second game she played, from repression to massacre? "So, everything I have experienced as an ordinary person is caused by myself just now!" Long Yunxin faintly pondered the true meaning of the game Civilization. She doesn't like simulated business and strategy battles, but she doesn't dislike role-playing. Next, she played more than a dozen different roles in the Panlong civilization, but they have a common characteristic, all of them are small people drifting with the tide, ordinary people. Among them is the chairman of the trade union who wants to fight for more rights for his members. There are also ordinary soldiers of the army who are involved in repression and massacres. There are also miners who went to the resource planet on the border of Xinghai to mine, and finally died tragically in the depths of the vein because of an accident, with no bones left. And the closest relatives of the dead miners. The more they come into contact with the social bottom of Panlong civilization and the corners of all aspects,wall penstocks, the more entangled and complex Longyun's mentality becomes. The resources on a planet are limited, and if we want civilization to continue, we must jump out of the planet! "However, it is not easy to jump out of the planet. It is very likely that decades will be wasted, astronomical resources will be consumed, and tragedies will be staged in countless families, but in the end it will still be empty!" "It is too difficult,lamella tube, too difficult, too difficult for a civilization to develop, even without talking about development, just to survive in the sea of stars!" Long Yunxin sighed with emotion. She originally wanted to choose more civilization and try the life of ordinary people in the medicine fork world, the Wuying world and even the sand barbarian world. However, a line of glittering small print appeared at the bottom of the main interface, which attracted her attention. It seems that in the course of the game just now, she met some specific trigger conditions and opened a new module of the game. This module is an expansion for the Civilization game called Rise of an Empire. On top of the five big characters, which were made of steel and smelled faintly of gunpowder smoke, there was a black lightning battle flag that covered the sky and the sun. Under the battle flag, there was a black silhouette of a helmet and armor. In recent years, some rumors about the real human empire have been widely spread in the streets and alleys of the three realms, including the rise of the Black Star Emperor, disc air diffuser ,Belt Filter Press, with dozens of versions of stories flying around. Long Yunxin immediately guessed that this information film should tell the history of Wu Yingqi's rise step by step after he came to the Republic of Xinghai, stole the supreme power, and finally ascended the throne and established a true human empire. Sure enough, according to the introduction of the expansion pack, "Rise of the Empire" is a new world derived from the huge database and computing power of "Civilization", and the main map is concentrated in the most prosperous Xinghai Republic in the human world. Players are free to choose the role they play, either as a member of the Parliament of the Republic of Xinghai, or as a leader of a large sect with a long history, or as a general of the Central Army guarding the capital, as an indigenous leader of the semi-independent world on the border.. To accelerate, delay, support, or prevent the emergence of a true human empire in different capacities. Of course, if you want, you can also directly play Wu Yingqi himself, from the perspective of "Black Star Emperor", to experience the rise of the black road. But now, most of the functional modules are still being perfected, all of the above identities have not yet been implemented, and testers can play only a few roles. Long Yunxin chose one at random from a row of plain names, and the light and shadow flashed in front of him, as if he had appeared in a brand new world. A flood of information was pouring into the depths of her brain. She is an ordinary citizen of the Republic of Xinghai, and her husband is a senior expert in mine structure. Ten years ago, she followed her husband to this small resource planet to settle down. She worked in the primary school attached to the mining area and gave birth to two lovely babies, a son and a daughter. The days were warm and peaceful, as if it was good to live forever. The war shattered their peaceful life, the resource planet was occupied by the fierce enemy, and the original headquarters set up here was evacuated in a hurry, but they were all civilians left here. They did not give up resistance, and many young and middle-aged soldiers and civilians went deep into the intricate mines to fight, defending the dignity of the Republic of Xinghai in vain. Although her husband did not directly join the underground resistance forces, he helped the resistance forces with his professional knowledge and risked his life to turn their home into a secret meeting place for the resistance forces. In this story of unknown little people, the game has invested a lot of computing power and rendering effects, creating a world of truth and falsehood, which makes Longyun feel illusory and real. She seemed to "see" herself holding her daughter, holding her son, pretending to walk in front of her house, but she was on the lookout for the members of the resistance organization at home. She could even clearly feel her feelings of tension, worry, anger and hatred, which could not be described in words. Will the enemy discover the existence of the resistance, and if they do,Dissolved Gas Flotation, how will they retaliate against us? "Will our army come back?" "I don't care myself, but can my son and daughter return to the embrace of the motherland and grow up safely and healthily?" Long Yunxin completely put himself into the game characters, thinking worriedly.